Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What I Made Wednesday {A Dreams Folder}

It's still Spring Break so today's project has more wishbone than backbone to it, but it's still something I think everyone should have: A Dreams Folder. I remember back in the days before Pinterest, I'd be looking through a magazine and find the most wonderful garden project. I'd rip out the page and stick it in a drawer. I found my drawer was starting to fill up and I didn't want my "some day" drawer to become my "junk drawer". I went out and bought a couple of fun, pretty hanging folders (no dark camo-green for this girl) and I simply labeled it "Dreams". I now had a place for all those ripped magazine pages. Every so often I'll go through that old folder and am, at times, surprised as to how many dreams actually came true. It's also a reminder of how many dreams still need to be stoked, rekindled, and how many should be extinguished all-together because my own wants and tastes have changed. It's a wonderful self-discovery tool, too!

And, with the invention of Pinterest, there's no excuse in not having a Dreams Folder. If, perhaps you are new to the planet, click here to get the scoop on Pinterest and get pinning! It's the easiest way to catalog what ever suits your fancy when it pops up on your screen and, the best part, you can keep it organized into categories. Wow!

I still find myself ripping out pages from magazines and, to be honest, I forgot about my Dreams folder until this morning. I think I'll be filling the folder more frequently now that I remember it exists.

Go out today and buy yourself a folder and label it "Dreams" and start filling it! Then, visit it every so often. You'll find it motivates, invigorates, and solidifies you as a person. Dream big, and happy dreaming.

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If you'd like a more challenging W.I.M. Wednesday, click here for last week's project! 


Suzan Wood-Young said...

"More wishbone than backbone" What a great phrase, I hadn't heard it before. I enjoyed seeing some of the new things you pinned since I last looked!

Anonymous said...

Your outdoor photos have me dreaming already. Hubby likes to joke that I rent plants - because they don't live very long. ;)Sigh. My dream folder would be filled with rooms from IKEA - how bad is that? I went Monday night with a friend and actually took pictures of the rooms...



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