Friday, May 10, 2013

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 94.

Goodbye witnessing the miracle in Cleveland unfold as 3 missing girls are found alive after being held captive for a decade.

Goodbye sunshine and warmth and settling into a summer mindset.

Goodbye wrapping up the NED Project and finally presenting Kiddo with his platinum. Read the story here.

Goodbye white cherry blossom petals scattered all over my driveway and looking like freshly fallen snow.

Goodbye school meeting introducing us to Middle School - let the games begin!

Hello Kiddo's "Elevensies" birthday; double ones means double the luck, health and happiness!

Hello dinner at Abuelo's, dessert at Menchie's, and home for presents: what could be more perfect?

Hello working like crazy this weekend to get the party set-up for next weekend (8 computers, 8 keyboards, 8 mice - whew!).

Hello Kiddo running a Lemonade Stand for school at WaterWay on Lander Circle - stop by on Saturday from 10 - 2 to help the kids' with their community service fundraiser. 

Hello Mother's Day to all you awesome women out there that put others before yourselves; at least take Sunday to turn the tables!

My lesson learned this week is that I've discovered I'm not a "dweller" or a "longer" for days gone by. Here it is, eleven years after Kiddo was born and I can't tell you how excited I am for his present and his future. Middle School starts in the fall and I'm thrilled for him, as I know this is a time for maturity and growth, sometimes it ain't gonna be pretty. But, I'm going to enjoy watching him grow some more, learn even more, and get closer to the person he is meant to become.

Some moms I talk to long for the days when their kids were little. They dwell on the past as if they could somehow bring it back by just wishing it to be. I'm not like that. I've been there, done that, and I enjoyed every minute of it. But, to wish it back? No. I'm not sure if this makes me an ogre of a mom but, I'm looking forward to moving forward, witnessing Kiddo discover his interests and passions that will lead to his future. To wish him back to being 3-years old is not something that enters my mind like it does other moms I know.

In fact, I see young mothers taking care of their toddlers, changing diapers, never eating a hot meal at a restaurant, and I think, I'm glad to be out of that time in my life. Even with all of those inconveniences, I still loved it at the time while I was in it. But I've moved on and I'm happy to have done so. Maybe my refusal to dwell in the past comes from not having any regret? I stayed home with Kiddo and I don't feel like I missed anything. Those were the best days ever. And, I know even the bestest of days are to come, waiting for us to get there, in the future. But, in the meantime, I'll enjoy and cherish the now, leaving the past as a sweet, fulfilling, satisfying memory.

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies! 

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