Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Made Wednesday {Shares on Display VI}

Welcome to another installment of Shares on Display: making your school super cool! The story goes I took over a display case in the school and dedicated it to students showing their stuff related to the monthly theme I created. Here's the themes we have had to date, starting last October:

This month's theme is Best Vacation Ever. These kids have traveled all over! Very impressive, indeed. They shared photographs, souvenirs, and artifacts from their most favorite vacation spots.

The display case had to convey a fun and festive feel so I equipped the background with very colorful papers as a backdrop. Thanks to the ol' dollar store, I found gigantic sunglasses (so cute) and summer-themed gel window clings. I placed these on the inside of the sliding glass so students wouldn't be tempted to pick at it (very tempting, I know).

Luckily, the dollar store also provided ocean-themed papers including a sting ray, star fish, sea turtle, and fish. I just love it when a dollar store trip turns out to have exactly what I need, when I need it!

I lined the bottom of the display case with blue paper and on top of that, I scattered shiny blue gift stuffing streamers (thanks, again, dollar store).

The giant palm tree in the middle of the case is a gift. My intention was to make the palm tree from paper but then I was passing an outside window in front of the school and happened to notice the bark of the palm tree that was pushed up against a window, apparently in some storage closet. I immediately asked someone to help me into that storage closet and I dug through to get this gem of a palm tree. It saved me so much work and it was absolutely perfect for the display. I could not have made it better!

Gel window clings on the inside of the glass.
Some of the places the kids call their fave vacay spot: NYC, Dominican Republic, Spain, Mexico, London, Paris, and Jamaica. Incredible, right? That's why this month's display read "5th Graders Are...Explorers!"

Just one more display case to go!!!     


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Great job! That looks so cool!


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