Friday, May 31, 2013

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 97.

First, there was the awesome par-tay! Yes, that's Kiddo in the swag hat.
Goodbye month of May: you were hectic, tiring, but so beautiful.
Goodbye 5th grade: you were hectic, tiring, but so beautiful.
Goodbye kitchen chair as Kiddo discovers he doesn't have to stand on one anymore to reach the top shelf in the pantry (not sure how I feel about this one).
Goodbye highway traffic jam heading North on 271, Cedar exit (at least for 3 glorious summer-vacay months).
Goodbye pounds as I try to whittle away just 5 more with summertime activities (yes, these are the same 5 I've been talking about for months, now).
Then, there was the formality.

Hello summer as I welcome the month of June with open arms and an open mind to all adventures that await us.
Hello summer vacation, slowing it down and taking it all in.
Hello Middle School; we have 3 months, let's not rush it.
Hello sunscreen, big hats, and sunglasses - protection tools I have to take more seriously.
Hello calm.
Now, we're left with possibilities. Let the summer fun begin!

The lesson I learned this week is life's trials are a test, but they are only a test. I never want to take for granted difficult situations, difficult decisions, or difficult people. There is always so much to learn and take away from each. All of these trials are like Miracle-Gro for the soul and spirit. My way of dealing with difficulties and trials will either move me forward or move me backward depending on my actions and reactions to the situation. I want to be heading in the forward direction so, whenever I'm faced with a trial, I need to remember that person, that situation, that difficulty, was presented to me as a test (a gift, really). It's up to me what happens next. And, sometimes, what happens next may be absolutely nothing. Sometimes, doing nothing and letting things go IS the right answer to project me in the right direction.

Happy June! Time for the flip-flops.

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