Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of: Part Three

Need to catch-up before reading Part Three? Click here for Part One, click here for Part Two!

Now was the time for the big reveal. Super Hubby came up with a plan, but it went about as good as best-laid plans go. Without Kiddo noticing, we set the new camera underneath the couch, we placed the Amazon gift certificate and NED card behind the pillow between myself and Super Hubby. We told Kiddo we wanted to do a video of the whole excitement of winning first prize and wanted to send it to Grammie in New Hampshire, since she was unaware of all the news.
Card signed by NED donors sending kind words and well-wishes.
Kiddo gets his old camera, sets it up on a tri-pod, and Super Hubby wrote a script so we could read off of it while filming the details. A script, Super Hubby? We are not actors, we are not news anchors. Now, we know why. Our results are so failing it would be too much of an embarrassment to show the actual video. We really did try to capture the whole moment on video, but did not succeed.

Kiddo yells action and Super Hubby and I start our lines...

Super Hubby: Hi, I'm Kiddo's dad.
Me: Hi, I'm Kiddo's mom.

Kiddo: stops filming and asks, "Why are you introducing yourselves to Grammie? She already knows you."


Super Hubby: Just hit record and listen...

About half way through my lines I start crying. This is overwhelmingly emotional, folks. Seriously! Kiddo just thinks I've gone off the deep end and is utterly confused.

We had Kiddo join us in the shot on the couch and we presented him with the Amazon gift certificate and NED card, signed by all the contributors to the fundraiser. Kiddo's reaction was somewhat obscure, as he wasn't quite grasping what was happening to him.

Then, Super Hubby asked Kiddo to reach under the couch and see what else the NED people had for him. When Kiddo held that camera in his hands, his initial reaction was complete shock. He was confused because he didn't understand why complete strangers would do this for him. I wish I could show that part of the video but it would be too embarrassing for Super Hubby and I, as our performances were B-Movie, at best.

It was only afterwards that THE moment dawned on Kiddo. We went into the kitchen, Kiddo still a bit in shock, and I had him sit down as I read every single e-mail between the NED representative and me over the last month. Then, and only then, did IT happen. As I read the numerous communications, Kiddo's eyes started to well-up with tears. It finally hit him. He finally got it. He sat there in silence, tears gliding down his cheeks, and he slowly began to speak to us about his disbelief that strangers could believe in his dreams so much that they would provide him the tools to fling him into the 21st century, helping him to do more, be more, grow more.

The unforgettable moment had happened for Kiddo. It didn't need pomp and circumstance. It didn't need a script, and it certainly didn't need to be captured on tape. That moment will rest in the mind of Kiddo forever. And, along his journey, where ever it may lead, when he needs it, he will be reminded of the support and encouragement he received from the good people at NED to follow his dreams. It will help Kiddo to Never give up. It will remind Kiddo to Encourage others, like he was encouraged by Team NED. And, it will make the idea to Do your best a real way in which to live life. Just look what can happen from one little video contest! Kiddo, without even knowing it, when you uttered those words of yours, your "platinum" was just around the corner.

The moment hits him.

The day Kiddo received his gifts from NED, Kiddo went into his room, closed the door, and privately filmed some words of appreciation to Team NED. If you'd like to see it, click here.

There are not enough words of appreciation that I can bestow on the All For Kidz/The NED Show crew. You've given my son the gift of a moment that he will truly never forget. I know he'll take it and pass along your good will and intentions as he journeys on his path. Thank you for everything.

The best way I know how to show my appreciation is to introduce The NED Show to you, dear reader. I know many of you are teachers and school administrators. You've written to me asking to know more about The NED Show and I hope these past blog posts help you to recognize the purity of their mission and the way their message resonates in their own daily lives. They are not paying me to say this, but please, if you are looking for a character-building school assembly program that is entertaining and effective, consider having The NED Show at your school. Thank you.

Kiddo even LOVED the Amazon Gift Card Box Tin!


Suzan Wood-Young said...

Typing through the tears...thanks for sharing!

I am LOVD said...

Sweet, sweet Suzan. Incredible individuals that remind me kindness still exists! I'm so happy this tugged at the heart strings a bit:-)

MM said...

This is an awesome story and an awesome write up.

"Why are you introducing yourself to grammie?" I'm laughing out loud.... Glad there's no one else here!

and then in the next few seconds I am crying here at work....How emotional! No wonder you couldn't get through your script!

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the performers for the NED show, although not the performer that was lucky enough to perform for Kiddo's school. Your son is a great example of why we do what we do. No dream, no matter how big or small should go without encouragement. Keep up the great work with that kiddo of yours.

I am LOVD said...

Dear NED Performer,
Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. It was wonderful to hear from you. You are doing a wonderful thing for so many!

Kiddo's mom


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