Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 19.

Goodbye door-to-door trek ending up with more treats than tricks.
Goodbye laughs and giggles during a precious lunch with my grandmother.
Goodbye choosing fast food for dinner way too many times.
Goodbye gladly sharing of my time helping children and feeling like I'm making a difference.
Goodbye beautiful week filled with blessings, hope, and promise.

Hello switcheroo in holiday decorations in and around our home.
Hello try, try agains for what we really want.
Hello LEGO Fest passing through town and luring addicts from all around.
Hello making time to be spent with best buds.
Hello extra one hour of sleep; thank you Daylight Savings.

This week I learned I should never miss an opportunity to take in nature's surroundings especially during this time of year, nature's showiest of seasons. I arrived early in a town where the post office opens an hour after my own. Instead of sitting in my car awaiting the doors to open, I took advantage of the town's beauty and took a walk, taking in my sweet surroundings and appreciating nature's autumn splendor. Little inconveniences can be big blessings for the soul. 

Can you think of a recent inconvenience that turned into a blessing?


Betty Sneeringer said...

You are such a good writer! You have content and give good food for thought. By the way, your day must start very early or end late!

I am LOVD said...

Betty, you are too kind. Kinda hard to believe I was an engineer way back when (opposite sides of the brain spectrum). I'm so happy you enjoy the posts. Send more over my way - I know you have lots of friends!!!!

Digger said...

I found your blog from the link up on Casey's site. I'm so glad I did. It's great! I'm a new follower. I'm going to go look around some more, but I love this post!!

Digger ~xoxo~

Anonymous said...

Love your pairing of photos and words - very profound.

This past week was so blissful I can't think of any difficulties at all, which is a blessing since usually I can list 100 without blinking. ;)

So glad you walked around - you certainly blessed me with your photos.

xoxo michele


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