Monday, November 28, 2011

Gratitude Journal Monday

You'll see these Sweet Gum tree "spikies" again in a future craft!

 It's Monday, dear friends, and it's time for Gratitude Journal Monday. If you don't know why today is exciting, then click here. I was watching the Dr. Oz Show the other day and he had this happiness guru, Andrew Weil, on as a guest talking about his 4-week Plan to Happiness. Now, I have to say I'm not a huge Dr. Oz fan. In fact, I think he's in cahoots with the vitamin/supplement companies because if I followed his advice, then I'd be taking 20 different all-natural horse pills per day (have you ever seen the size of Fish Oil supplements? Sorry, I digress).

Anyway, Mr. Weil's 4-week plan includes exactly what we do here, every Monday! Expressing gratitude is an attitude game changer and it's what I've been saying all along. If you want to get out of your funk, then start writing down your thankful and grateful thoughts. I'll buy into the gratitude part, Dr. Oz, but the supplements? Well, maybe the one that helps with memory? Isn't it ginkgo? Oh, I can't remember.

101. I'm thankful for a strong back that hauled a ton of Christmas decorations up from the basement.

102. I'm grateful for my neighbor's Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe that I can't wait to share with you all - you won't believe how yummy it is!

103. I'm grateful for my son's own vision for his future and how he's determined not to veer off-track.

104. I'm grateful for the conversations I hear in the family room as hubby explains checkers' moves and strategies to our son - I wish you could hear their exchanges, heart-warming.

105. I am grateful for digital cameras because it has made this non-photographer momarazzi capture some great pics over the years without knowing much about the art.

I hope you sit back today and contemplate a bit on some gratitude of your own. Trust me, you'll be doing yourself, your spirit, and your soul a favor! Start here, by leaving a gratitude comment.

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Mrs. Pear Tree said...

That's a beautiful pic of the Sweet Gum tree "spikies!" I'm going to need to exercise my back with the Christmas decoration stash one of these days very, very soon, too! Enjoy your decorating!


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