Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Tale of Two Giveaways

The tale has been told before; we're all too familiar with the premise. One is of victory, the other a tragedy. Yet, both stories have wisdom to offer the reader, at least those of us who want to be fed it...

There I sat yesterday afternoon assuming the all too familiar position: laptop atop my lap, legs crossed ankle over ankle stretched across a perfectly sized miniature version of a sofa we call a loveseat; positioned tangentially in front of my bay window to the world as it streamed sunshine through the glass, confused as to how brightly it wanted to penetrate the room.

The strange whir of the mail truck stopped suddenly outside my home. Normally, I would be excited about this sudden cessation of putter but I knew my husband was expecting a package consisting of a not-so-exciting computer battery thing-a-majig so I continued my own puttering amidst the keyboard keys without skipping a beat. The heavy thump of a package being plopped down on our front porch signaled Hubby to come bounding down the stairs. He opened the door, noticed it was not his much anticipated package, and responded with, "Are you expecting a package? It smells like...coffee?"

Take a look at that coffee bean t-shirt - love it!
 My mind raced, my fingers stalled, I remembered. My wonderful blog friend Michele had a giveaway on her blog recently at The Great Read and I had WON!!! I held the package in my hands and started fingernail scraping the tape right off, ending it's love affair with the cardboard. As I broke their union the sweet smell of coffee aroma wafted into my nostrils. I opened the box and found a mother load of goodies that just simply made my day. That is a giveaway with a happy ending.

I have, still, another tale to tell; one of tragedy and despair. My latest giveaway didn't go so well and, to be completely honest, it was doomed from the start. I posted a Going Local article, click here to read it, and was thrilled to hear the owners of the shop were willing to donate a little something from their shop as a giveaway prize to one of my lucky readers. I was so excited when I went to go pick-up their offer as I was convinced it would be one of their gourds they are so famous for selling.

I arrived and was generously,mind you, given the pillow you see in this post, click here. The minute I received the pillow it was like a heavy burden of an orphan's caretaker to whom I could not find a home. I figured beggars can't be choosers but in my heart I knew my readers well enough to know that none would probably want such a pillow, or for that matter, could live up to the pillow's phrase or if you could, wouldn't want to admit it. I'm about as Pollyanna as it gets and I have a pretty good sense of humor but when I wouldn't want the prize myself, then re-evaluation is in order. Not one entry for this pillow was cast not for lack of readers and so, it will find its way back to the shop from which it came. I appreciate the store's generosity but it just didn't resonate with LOVD readers, tongue in cheek or not. My apologies, dear readers. From now on, if I don't find the item a bit painful to give away, wishing I could keep it for myself, then it won't be part of a LOVD giveaway. My heart will, from now on, be the judge and I hope you continue to participate in future fun.

Handmade mugs by Jewel Pottery
Summit Coffee

Dear readers, do you accept my apology?


Betty Sneeringer said...

No apology necessary! I love the mugs. Glad you are a winner.

lefty said...

LOL Lilly!
I won the last giveaway, so I did not want to appear greedy! :) LOVE the cute prize YOU won! :) Congrats!

Suzan Wood-Young said...

I figured I lived too far away for you to mail it to me at what might be a great expense. I did just get a new closet :) I'm thinking it would have looked cute on a shelf or bench.

Melissa Blake said...

Awww, so sorry!

The Cheese Thief said...

Congrats on the win!

The pillow is funny. I was on vacation all of last week so I haven't gotten a chance to read your blog! I would have entered, my husband would have gotten a kick out of the pillow.

Anonymous said...

I missed your giveaway - otherwise I would have entered! No apology needed - and the sentiment is certainly true.

Thank you for such a beautiful feature! And for featuring Summit Coffee and Jewel Pottery - you are the sweetest.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Lily. I'm thankful for you.

xoxo michele


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