Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love Has No Expiration Date

My son found this rock. He turned to me and said, "Here mom. I give you my heart." I'll cherish it forever.
As I sit in my cozy chair in my fluffed up nest of a master bedroom I look around and see things, things, and more things. I am surrounded by tangibles, many of which hold intangible residence in my heart. But finding comfort or joy in such objects is fleeting because it is love and only love that spans each generation.

The chair that envelops my tired bones, the home where I find comfort, the computer that is my voice to the world, it will all be gone one day. So, what withstands the test of time, what never dies? Love. Long after hubby and I roam this life together our love will be talked about and felt through our child's love for others, either by actions or words. It's a perpetual gift.

And the best part is that love is transferable. My grandfather died long before we were blessed with the birth of our son. Yet, my son loves his great grandfather even though he has never met him on this Earth. Why? Because my son hears my stories of my grandfather, he recognizes my love and adoration for my grandfather. My son loves his great grandfather simply because I loved him. And, that love will continue on and on and on. 

Love has no expiration date. Love is transferable. It takes love to continue love and it is never-ending as long as love is fed love. Never underestimate love's unyielding desire to live and to grow. 

How will your love live beyond your roaming years?


Suzan Wood-Young said...

A lovely post that warmed my heart. Thank you Lilly!

Jamie said...

My love will live on through my daughter. Beautiful post.

Saphire said...

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