Friday, November 18, 2011

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 21.

Goodbye sheer bliss and excitement from winning The Great Read's giveaway.
Goodbye sharing Grandparents' Day and bridging the generational gap with iPads, bagels, muffins, and games.
Goodbye the last of crispy leaves holding on by a single thread awaiting their release by the the wind's one gust of breath.
Goodbye orchestra field trip where the kids looked all dapper and divine.
Goodbye way too many luncheons with friends, not enough work done, and absolutely no regrets because of it.

Hello new ideas floating around in our little future director's head.
Hello playdate that just doesn't happen often enough if you ask them.
Hello dipping temperatures and rising flames in the fireplace.
Hello good times spent with a friend we just don't see often enough.
Hello new adventures for Regis - best of luck!

Attaboy, Nordstrom's

Thanks to a sign in front of Nordstrom's, I learned that we just have to slow down the holiday season. In the name of commerce we're rushing Thanksgiving like it was the unwanted stepchild of the holiday season, the thorn in our side we have to endure to get to what we really want to celebrate. I stand with Nordstrom's and say, "NO!" I love that they are taking a conscience stand to not decorate for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. It helps to put our thoughts of gratitude at the forefront before fighting the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, decorating, and baking and fighting to keep the true reason for the season in our minds. Slow it down and savor the joy of Thanksgiving; Christmas can just hold tight a little while longer.

What is your take on stores decorating for Christmas right after Halloween? Approve or not?


lefty said...

Well..I decorated our outside of the house b/c I did not feel like doing it in 30 degree temps, two toddlers and a preggy belly....and I am really regretting it. I feel like a sell a store that decorates for Xmas after back to school ends! Some things are meant to be dealt with in their proper time...and decorating is one of them! Kudos to Nordstrom!

Marilyn said...

One of my friends in pottery told her children, "No, we can't put up the tree yet. We still have skeletons out!"

I don't care as much about when the decorations go up as I care about our encouraged addiction for more and new and different. Holding off until Black Friday to begin shopping is just as addicted as beginning to shop the day after Hallowe'en.


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