Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude Journal Monday

I took this photo at Michigan's Greenfield Village.

How fitting that on the very week where gratitude is spewing out of every one's pores due to the Thanksgiving holiday, I get to declare my 100th entry in my own Gratitude Journal. It's certainly a celebration and I'm so happy you come by and visit me every Monday, sharing in my thankful thoughts and taking time to stop and think of your own. Need further explanation of a Gratitude Journal, simply click here.

96. I am grateful for all who stop by for a visit at this little blog of mine and my hope is that you leave inspired and hopeful for the rest of your day.

97. I am grateful to have been blessed with so many ideas and topics for this platform and for the positive affects my words and photos have on so many people's days - to God be all the Glory.

98. I am thankful for the discipline gifted from above to have blogged Monday through Friday, every week, without missing a beat since this blog's inception on June 26, 2011.

99. I am grateful my family is nearby so we may easily share these special holidays together without any fuss of traveling far.

100. I am grateful for all you wonderful cooks and hosts out there who open your homes to your family and friends from near and far, some annoying and some not, for the sake of tradition in giving thanks for so many blessings.

Where will you be spending your Thanksgiving? With family, friends, or both?

Just a little reminder, you have until end of today to leave a comment for entry in LOVD's latest giveaway.


Suzan Wood-Young said...

Props to you for daily blogging. I know what that means, and your blogs posts are more complex than my own so I know of the hard work you put in. Gorgeous photo!

Anonymous said...

I love this photo. Love it. Want to make it into a poster so I can stare at it in my living room. Or kitchen. Now that photo would motivate me to spend more time in my kitchen. Especially with Thanksgiving smack dab in front of me.

We don't have family near us, so it will be a friends Thanksgiving (some years we travel to family - but this is an off year).

Happy Thanksgiving, Sweet Friend.

xoxo michele

I am LOVD said...

All these compliments of my photos are making me think they're good enough for iStock Photo (typing as my head starts to swell).


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