Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Garden Dreaming

It's the dead of winter. Gusts of wind blow through me like I'm wearing tissue paper for a coat. A hat, a scarf, and woolly mittens fashionably don my head to my fingertips. My L.L. Bean boots are as reliable as the security at Fort Knox. I count on them to keep my toesies dry and warm. Yes, this was yesterday.

Today's weather forecast: partly sunny, calm, spring-like, could go as high as 58 degrees F! Atypical of a normal winter in Cleveland's Snowbelt,  but I'm not complaining. Instead, I'm dreaming. I'm dreaming about gardens; usually the types of gardens I don't have the money to build, but want to have as my very own, but only want to enjoy and not necessarily take care of (I loathe ending sentences with "of"). Sure, I don't mind strolling through on sunny days, clippers in garden-gloved hands, and clipping off a rosebud or two, but weeding and sweating? No, not in the garden of my dreams, anyways! The glistening of perspiration on the forehead would certainly ruin the image and getting down on hands and knees in my Lilly Pulitzer sundress would just clash with the moment of garden serenity. No, we can't let that happen.

Thanks to the wonderful cataloguing world of Pinterest, I share with you my Gardening Dreams board. Enjoy! The photos in this post are my own, taken last summer at Holden Arboretum, my favorite garden place of all time. Feel free to Pin them to your own boards. When this crazy winter is over, perhaps you can visit in the gazebo for some tea and scones. We should get another break in the weather as early as Friday (maybe summer-like weather, highs in the 80's - OK, I'm pushing it for Cleveland).

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Anyone else hooked on Pinterest?


Unknown said...

Isn't this Ohio weather CRAZY!!! Although it's been a mild winter, I too am dreaming of spring. Thanks for sharing!

Rose :: Fine Craft Guild said...

it's interesting that you talk about dreaming of gardens that you can't afford, yet your pictures show awesome ancient forestry that really none can own but that we collectively all must be the caretaker off. priceless great green outdoor beauty! love it.

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