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What I Made Wednesday {Family Rules Project} Part One

3 gal pals, 3 families, 3 projects: Awesome Results!
I'm so excited to share this project with you that I can hardly contain myself. My fingers can't type fast enough, I can't upload the pictures fast enough, I can't get it all out fast enough. Which is why I've decided to S-L-O-W it down a bit and make this project into a 3, yes I said it, a three-parter! Some of you crafty people out there will know what to do with this project and get it done in mere days. Others of you might be intimidated by all the steps required to get this project done. This is why we're going to take it step-by-step, detail-by-detail, and really include lots of pictures and instructions for even the amateur crafter because I think this project is really THAT important.

Why do I think this project is important? Because it will bring your family together. Oh, don't worry, your family doesn't have to do any of the crafting, that is unless they want to, but the main portion, the most important portion of this project is about bringing the family together and talking about what your family's mantra is going to be about; you'll discuss what's important to your family unit and summarize those thoughts into a beautiful, handmade piece of artwork to remind each of you daily what it means to be part of YOUR family.

I didn't want to hoard all the fun of this project for myself so I asked two gal pals of mine to participate. They would never admit to being crafty but their results may make them converts. Awesome job, ladies! What I love about the three of us doing the same project (besides all the lunches, Hobby Lobby shopping, girl-talk, etc.) is how different each one came out. So, even if you don't consider yourself crafty, I encourage you to give this project a try. By making it into a 3-part series of instructions over the next several weeks it'll be less overwhelming and you can really take it at your own pace.

This project certainly isn't a new concept and has been flying around the Internet for quite some time. Here's a link to see where I got my inspiration, click here.

What You'll Need
For those of you who like to work ahead I'll include a list of EVERYTHING you'll need for this project. For those of you who are taking it nice and slow, you'll only need the first 8 items to get started.

- Your family, to meet with and come up with some Family Rules that represent what's important to you
- Coordinating scrapbook paper for each rule plus an extra sheet for your "Family Rules" header (scrapbook paper can be 8.5x11 or 12x12 inches)
- Alphabet stickers for the "Family Rules" header measuring larger than the point-size of your "rules"
- Blank canvas (my canvas was larger than my gal pals' canvas - mine measured 14x18 and both gal pals went with a smaller size of 10x14, - you'll have to determine the space where you'll hang your Family Rules and decide accordingly.)
- Computer
- Printer
- Wide paint brush
- Paint, color coordinating with where you'll be hanging your "Family Rules" and with your scrapbook paper

- Scissors
- Mod Podge
- Picture hanging hardware kit
- Picture frame for canvas, optional
- Fabric coordinating with color scheme, optional
- 3M Command Strips, optional depending on your project's design (more detail in Week 3)

What You'll Do
It all begins with holding a family meeting. One gal pal of mine made it an extra fun event with her family. They ordered pizza one night and just sat around the kitchen table throwing out ideas and brainstorming what was important to them. When creating your family rules, be sure to highlight ideas. Depending on your canvas size, you are limited in space no matter what you do so keep things simple. Who wants to be bogged down with too many rules? At the very most, 10 rules should be sufficient enough for any family. Remember, they're not really "rules" per se, just ideas and reminders that are important to your family unit.

Once you've hashed out, and re-hashed, your family rules, it's time to pick some fonts for each rule. Sit at your computer and play around with all the fonts you have available to you in your word processing program like MS Word. There should be enough standard fonts that come with the program for you to choose from and still allow for many options. Print out each rule in the font you were thinking about using and have another family meeting to discuss the choices.

When you finalize your Family Rules and the font (no need to finalize on size of the lettering just yet) you'll have to decide where you want to hang this thing of beauty. Decide on the space you have to work with and determine the size of your canvas. You'll have to keep in mind that your option is to add a frame around your canvas which, of course, will add more width and height to your final masterpiece.

Hobby Lobby Fun

Time to take a field trip to your local craft store to pick-up your canvas and coordinating scrapbook papers. Pick what you like and don't worry about fitting the paper through your printer as we'll cut it down to size. The width of each paper strip for each Rule will measure 11 inches when all is done. A note about scrapbook paper: 1) be sure the paper is laser-printer friendly (yes there are papers out there that ONLY work with ink jet printers), and 2) be careful about picking papers with too much pattern as your words will be camouflaged when you go to print. While at the store, don't forget to get your canvas and your alphabet stickers for your "Family Rules" header.

My gal pals hard at work.
When you get home, choose a coordinating paint for the canvas. It should work well in your designated space along with complimenting your scrapbook papers. Take your wide paint brush and paint your canvas. Don't forget the sides! You won't have to paint the middle since it won't be seen once your papers are laid.

What You'll Need to Know to Finish, for now
OK, still with me? This is a good stopping point. Let the paint on your canvas dry. Start playing around with your scrapbook papers and what order you would like them to be in. Also, start thinking about what order you want your finalized family rules to be in and which papers you want assigned to each rule.

All for now. See you next week for Part 2. If you have ANY questions, please drop me an e-mail listed in my "View My Complete Profile" found in the left column. Just click!

To Summarize
This week you will:
* Gather the family and finalize your family rules
* Procure your canvas and paint it
* Pick your scrapbook papers
* Choose your fonts for each rule

What's important is the family togetherness of this project. Have fun with it and expect a great experience.


OHmommy said...

My family would love to do this especially during the winter months when we are driving each other crazy indoors. What a wonderful project that everyone can work on together! Awesome.

Lefty said...

I have really been looking forward to this post as much as you were looking forward to posting it! The project came out cute...what a great collaboration of family! Not sure we're gonna go this, as ours would look like "Don't pick your nose!" "No hitting a brother!" "Stay in your bed!" ....but if we least it would look ADORABLE on the wall! Thanks for sharing! Keep these great ideas coming!

The Cheese Thief said...

I love this idea. It totally is such a great family craft. Can't wait until Avery is old enough to help me with this one.

Katie Cannon said...

Wow I love this it is so cute thanks for sharing. Today is National Delurking day so I thought I would leave a comment instead of just lurking here. You have such a lovely blog.

Vicky @ Mess For Less said...

Love how the whole family was involved in this project. I would love to try something like this when my kids are a little older. I am a new follower visiting from Homemaker in Heels. Vicky from Mess For Less

Unknown said...

I love this, would you mind sharing it over on SaMiE's SURPRISE linky party #1 at

I would really like that!

Jaime Lyn at Crafty Scrappy Happy said...

these turned out so so great! Thank you so much for sharing my friend!

Six Sisters said...

Cute idea! We are so glad that you linked up to "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope you'll be back next week! -The Sisters

Unknown said...

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