Thursday, January 5, 2012

What If...?

What if you’re on the wrong path?
What if you take a chance and fail?
What if you make a mistake?
What if you’re becoming who you were meant to be and those closest to you don’t like it?
What if your authentic-self brings acceptance only to you?
What if you fall short of others’ expectations?
What if you find yourself all alone on your journey?
What if you can’t button the top button?
What if you don’t measure up?
What if you’re not eligible for Parent of the Year?
What if you don’t want to disappoint others even if it means paying with your own unhappiness?
What if you tell all the above negative statements to go to hell?
What if you decide today that each breath you take will be filled with hope and promise for a better future?
What if you wake each day expecting something good to happen to you?
What if you finally wake up and discover it’s your life to enjoy?
What if the comparisons finally stop?
What if you drink up each moment like life’s pleasure-cocktail?
What if you finally find joy in yourself?
What if you started believing in yourself the same way the Universe does?
What if you stopped playing the “victim”?
What if you made yourself the star of your story?
What if you grabbed an apple instead of a stale Christmas cookie?
What if you took the stairs instead?
What if you stopped putting your own self-worth as a parent into your children’s behavior at dinnertime?
What if the plan for you has nothing to do with what you wear, what car you drive, or where you live?
What if…?

Try to keep it positive, friends. What is your "what if"?


Anonymous said...

what if we lived closer! then we could chat over coffee about the list above (I have a very similar - if not exact - especially the "becoming who you are meant to be and those closest to you don't like it" one - list running through my head daily)...

what if you just decide to enjoy what the day's activities demand of your time?

I stayed up late the other night and watched the HBO Documentary "Something is wrong with Aunt Diane" and haven't been able to forget about it, Lilly. The striving for perfection or control, the pressure to keep it all going - it has me thinking and wondering what message I'm truly sending my children. But then, maybe with the fever this week I'm making too much of it....

Loved this post.

xoxo michele

CaseyWiegand said...

what a beautiful post!!!! sounds like we were thinking the same thing!!!!!!! yours is amazing!


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