Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recovery of Mind and Spirit

Dear Reader, Please accept these roses as my sincere apology.
Don't expect too much today. I'm pretty much spent from yesterday's post. Did you notice it took until the afternoon to get published? Did all you e-mail subscribers notice that you didn't get an e-mail from LOVD with the latest post yesterday (you'll get two today, I'm sure of it)? It took two whole hours for me to get that post done yesterday. Oh, I'm not complaining; it is what it is. I want to be thorough when sharing each step of the Family Rules Project, because I want even the non-crafters out there to do it!

I woke up yesterday at 5:00 am, greatest intentions of diving right in to finishing the last installment of the Project. But then, sinus pressure woke up when I did and all was lost. I popped some Excedrin, got a cold compress, and went back to bed, never falling asleep, mind you, just waiting for 7:00 am to arrive so I could wake up my son, make breakfast, and drive him to school.

So, please forgive my lack of creativity and wittiness today as I recover from writing my Mother-of-All posts yesterday. Your kindness and forgiveness is much appreciated and I hope you come back here as I get my groove back. I'm sure even the best of you out there need a little time to recharge sometimes. Well, no worries, I'm back tomorrow in full force to share more love and life as only LOVD can do. Stick around, it gets better from here!

Do you ever put your whole-self into something and feel completely drained afterwards? What do you do to recharge and about how long does it take to get back to your old-self?

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