Monday, April 30, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

It's going to be a busy week so posts may be short and sweet. I think that's exactly how gratitude should be. It shouldn't be complicated or overly lyrical, just take what's in your heart and send it out into the Universe in plain and simple language. Like prayer, gratitude expressed with simplicity is best.

211. I am grateful for my mom's sewing ability - thanks for being so willing to sew what seems to be the impossible and always ending up with awesome results.

212. I am grateful for my hot glue gun (what I consider to be my "sewing machine").

213. I am thankful for the special way sunshine floods through our kitchen windows in the morning.

214. I am thankful for lazy Sundays (I'll let you know if I enjoy one anytime soon).

215. I am thankful for warm, cozy socks without holes.

I began my Gratitude Journal here. I hope you feel the pull to give thanks and take the time to act. The benefits are truly amazing for the heart and soul. Have a terrific week.


Anonymous said...

I love my glue gun, too. She'd be featured prominently in family photos, but hubby drew the line at carrying her in my purse. Oh, and the socks. :)

xoxo michele

Anonymous said...

The Star Wars-Lego t-shirt and Legos magazine were quite a hit!!
Thanks so much!
Love, Pat


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