Thursday, May 10, 2012

10 Years Today

My beautiful baby boy was born today, 10 years ago. Time is a funny thing: sometimes it flies, while other times it's as slow as molasses. While pregnant, you want nothing more than to rush time so you can meet your little creation. When he's born, you embrace time as round-the-clock feeding intervals make you learn to respect it. Then, time suddenly becomes your nemesis careening out of your control, no matter how you try to stop it, to cherish moments, to linger just a little while longer, while in a certain period of time. But time laughs at your attempts, because time marches on, sometimes all over your heart. At 10 years old, I think about how only 8 short years from now, we'll be celebrating his graduation and readying for his new chapter. I don't know how the scene will look, but, on the wings of time, we'll get to that moment, too.
Happy Birthday, my love. You are my breath, you are my teacher, you are my life, you are my joy and laughter, and yes, some days you are even my heartache. Because of you I nurture my patience, my understanding, and my love of life everyday. Life's meaning is so clear when I look into your eyes or hear your laughter, and I find strength within myself to try to be a better person than I was yesterday because of you. Here's to celebrating a great decade with a promising future ahead.

Love, Mom

"But what ever road you choose, I'm right behind you, win or lose. Forever Young" - Rod Stewart, Forever Young



Betty Sneeringer said...

So sweet. I love the hands picture. He is blessed to have you as his mom! Happy birthday to him.


Suzan Wood-Young said...


Anonymous said...

Such an incredible tribute from an awesome Mom. Hope your weekend is perfection.


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the photos and tribute!
Happy Birthday and enjoy your festivities this week!

Brunella said...

later...but i love this post.
Happy birthday...


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