Friday, October 12, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 66.

Goodbye rain droplets tapping at my window as if they are hoping for shelter from the cold.
Goodbye unyielding Super Hubby as he worked through a tough, long week while coughing it out (traces of last week's Super cold).
Goodbye another application of hair coloring from a bottle; I'm still happy with the results and my wallet is even more thrilled.
Goodbye leftovers night that ended up tasting pretty darned good; must do that more often instead of forgetting about the food and having it end up in the garbage (no, I'm not proud).
Goodbye getting out the trusty ol' Murphy's Oil Soap and doing a good scrub-down on all my kitchen cabinets - now they are gleaming.

Hello beautiful weekend promising warmer weather than what we've been enduring this week.
Hello partaking in some not-so-good-for-you foods like apple fritters at Patterson's and burgers at Five Guys. YUM!
Hello get-together to enjoy "the best tasting crepes West of Paris" (that is the claim so we'll see how they measure-up to mine).
Hello preparing a tasty-sweet cinnamon-sugar blend for the Chef at the pan - swirl and flip.
Hello declaring Sunday a Pajama Day - no place to go and keeping it that way.

My lesson learned this week is not everything is meant to be the way I set it in my mind. I can't set a plan, or even a wish in my head, say an Amen, and think my plan is His plan. It's an easy trap for anyone of us to get into. You set your hopes on something and your mind follows, convincing yourself that it will happen one day, that it's your destiny. Then, the rug gets pulled from underneath you and you lay there on the floor, surprised and confused because this was not the way things were supposed to turn out. The problem is, it was your plan, even if you thought it was The Plan. But do not despair, maybe it is part of The Plan. Maybe setbacks are tests, times of growth, or even part of His Plan for you. Shake it off, move on, and believe there is an even better result waiting for you in the end. You just have to keep pressing on.

Happy Weekend, friends!

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