Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What I Made Wednesday {Shares on Display}

I know what you're thinking, "Today's W.I.M. Wednesday is such a cop-out." Well, here's the thing: I make no distinction between working on projects for home, for school, for business. So, if in any given week I just happen to devote a lot of project-time towards a school-related project, then that's what I'll have to post because I'm hoping it will inspire someone out there, regardless whether it's for the home or otherwise.

1: missing, 2: Skeleton, 3:Cop, 4: Werefolf, 5: Cheerleader, 6: Gangster, 7: missing
Sooooo, today's What I Made Wednesday is all about snazzy-ing-up your kids' display case at school. Yeah, you! Go and take it over and really make it something of a showcase for the whole school to enjoy! In my case, my son's school has a morning ritual called Shares. It's a time where students can bring in anything they want to share or show the class (think Show-n-Tell). This year, since the kids are older, there isn't a great amount of time spent on Shares like last year, and that's OK, and appropriate, actually. But, what if you could make a Shares On Display?!?!?!!?

Each month there's a specific theme and students can sign-up for the theme that interests them. They bring in the item they want to share, you have fun creating an exciting and visually interesting showcase while displaying their items for the month. How fun is that?

We're able to display about 7 to 8 kids' items during any given month. Here are the themes I came up with:

Best Halloween Costume Ever
Favorite Book When You Were Little
Favorite App or Video Game
Fascinating Collections
What I Want to be When I Grow-Up
 Interesting Hobbies
Trophies, Medals, & Ribbons
Best Vacation Ever

Each month the last word will change for "5th Graders Are...Mysterious"
This month's theme was, obviously, Best Halloween Costume Ever, and the key was to ONLY bring in ONE item for their favorite costume. We displayed it and are having passer-by's try to guess what they were for Halloween. I made a candy corn and left it outside of the display case hiding the answers to each costume piece.

I took an unfinished wood frame, staple-gunned some jute twine to the back, and knotted fabric. Then I used clothespins to hang up the Trick-or-Treat Sign.
Make it interactive!
I'd love for this idea to continue in future 5th-grade years since, at our school, the 5th graders are the oldest in the school. Shares on Display could become a great tradition with lower grades admiring the display and shares and thinking what they might put in it one day!

I hope you talk to your school about rejuvinating a display case in your school and really making it fun for the kids to share their treasures and interests! You can do this so talk to somebody today. I can't tell you how receptive schools are when you're willing to make it happen!

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I am LOVD said...

And yes, the banner with the words "Shares on Display"..the letters were handcut by moi! Gosh, I just love my X-acto Knife!!!!!

Adorned From Above said...

I think this came out really cute. I love seeing anything that you post. Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party.
Debi @ Adorned From Above


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