Monday, October 29, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Prayers and well-wishes go out to those in the path of Hurricane Sandy. Safe travels to you all who have to evacuate. If you are not affected by this storm, let's pull together and send good thoughts to those on the East Coast, braving this horrendous weather system.
331. I am grateful for the power of prayer, so please, take a moment.
332. I am grateful for the generosity of friends who introduce my son to new experiences.
333. I am grateful for the cautionary ways of New York City - putting people's lives before the New York Stock Exchange.
334. I am appreciative of the new weather technology that allows people the opportunity to be better prepared.
335. I am thankful for those poor weather reporters that are forced to be in the center of it all.

Hoping for a good week for all!

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