Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Going Local: Beckwith Orchards Cider Mill and Gift Shop

There was a time I used to be my family's entertainment director. Blame it on burn-out, blame it on getting old, I've since retired the position as of late and Super Hubby has picked up the load. Super Hubby did not disappoint with his latest family adventure: Beckwith Orchards Cider Mill and Gift Shop in Kent, Ohio. Not our usual stomping ground for autumnal activities, but our old go-to place, Pattersons, got to be so over-crowded. I guess word got out that Fall wasn't Fall without a visit to Pattersons and so people have been coming in droves. Well, for families with older children who are looking for a more casual, less congested, relaxing afternoon gathering gourds and apples, Super Hubby found a goldmine!

Small but quaint describes this 125-year old family farm. We arrived to the bellowing sound of an Irish folk-band playing on the porch. Right away, the banjo-picked notes told me this experience was going to be different. Our son scouted the premises near the old, red barn and laid claim to a robustly plump, orange gourd that was destined to guard our front porch for the next 15 days.

Scrumptious smells from the food truck tempted us to change our lunch plans, but we resisted. I promise you, the next time we are there, I'm making a bee-line for the food truck! When we entered the house-turned-store, there were even more aromatic greetings. The welcoming committee included warm greetings from homemade cookies, freshly baked pies, and steaming hot or ice cold apple cider. Oh, the apple cider!!!!!! We could not get enough of that sweet nectar. Honestly, the best I've ever tasted!

The gift shop is filled with unusual items that instantly bring warmth to any home. I wanted one of each but remembered my cluttered home and resisted the temptation. But, consumables don't count, so pick yourself some jams, jellies, and spreads to take home and enjoy.
Back from the hunt.
 We moseyed to their fruit market and picked up a half peck of Empire apples to make apple crisp (tomorrow's What I Made Wednesday, stay tuned). The pricing was reasonable and the apples did not disappoint.
We left him unattended, but still no kitten.

Behind all of this activity sits a serene farm, set with acres and acres of apple trees all in a row. The rolling hills welcome visitors to walk the grounds and enjoy the sweetness that lingers in the air. If walking isn't your thing, then bring your bike and ride! Beckwith's is located right next to the Portage County Hike and Bike Trail.

So, get out of your comfort zone this season and try a new orchard. You never know when your discovery becomes a brand new family tradition. Beckwith's has certainly earned that title for us.

Beckwith Orchards
1617 Lake Rockwell Rd.
Kent, OH  44240
Phone:  (330) 673-6433

I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are my own. 

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Suzan Wood-Young said...

Looks like fun! My seven year old niece is visiting this coming weekend and we'll be going to McMillan Pumpkin patch.You're building my anticipation!


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