Friday, November 23, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 71.

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Goodbye short school week.
Goodbye celebrating Movember with yummy chocolate suckers - YUM!
Goodbye giving up making the bean green casserole and just steaming the green beans, instead.
Goodbye traveling over the river and through the woods for a delicious Thanksgiving Feast.
Goodbye sunny, mild weather - here comes the rain and cold, then, dare I say it, snow!

Hello skipping the shopping madness.
Hello decorating every square inch of home with Christmas ornaments galore.
Hello putting up with Super Hubby's continuous harking that we have "Way too many Christmas decorations."
Hello sneaking off to buy just one more Christmas item to add to the collection.
Hello snuggling the evenings away in front of a cozy fire, hot chocolate in hand, and a good-old movie playing in the background, like White Christmas.

My lesson learned this week is how even I have my limits when it comes to taking advantage of shopping opportunities. I have to say, I'm saddened by many stores' decisions to open ON Thanksgiving. Of course, I can't really just blame the stores, I must also blame the people that leave their families right after turkey and pie to save $100 on a 6-month old model of the latest T.V. If family-time on a holiday isn't sacred anymore, what is?

I remember the days when stores used to close at 5:00 on Sundays. My parents remember when stores weren't even open on Sundays. The funny thing is, even with less "shop time", America, as a nation and as a people, were never richer or more prosperous than they were back then. Today, we can shop 24/7 on the Internet, Thanksgiving has fallen aside to shopping, and American consumer debt is up 5% this year. Will wonders never cease?

I'll admit to being a former Black Friday shopper. When you are younger, it's kinda fun to map out your sales path, be amongst the excitement and buzz of getting the one-time deal. But, now that I'm older, spending time with my family, sans fluorescent lights and long lines, is all I need to make my season merry and bright. How about you?

If you are out and about, try to shop local this holiday season. Saturday, November 24 is Small Business Saturday, sponsored by American Express. Support your community by keeping the dollars in your town. Happy Shopping!  


Jillian Carreira said...

Hi I am a new follower from the hop and enjoyed reading this post. As a teacher I am glad we are on the brink of the weekend and look forward to putting up my Christmas tree with the family on Saturday.
I would love for you to follow along.

Suzan Wood-Young said...

Wow, even I remember stores being closed on Sunday. How did I get so old? Kudos to you for skipping the shopping chaos today. Unfortunately Black Friday has wormed its ugly way into Canada this year. Tell S.H. that I say there's no such thing as too many Christmas decorations. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Lilly. Today we are going to pick out a tree and spend the weekend enjoying our home as a family. It's all I need (ok, and some holiday music from the library). A girlfriend spent several years in France and told me at Christmas they give each other simple gifts - fruit, chocolate, etc. with handwritten cards. It has wrecked my interest in insane spending. Homemade treats and craft making is my fave.


mail4rosey said...

I always 'buy one more thing' for the Christmas list, lol. That made me laugh to see it on your list.

I'm visiting today from the Friday Chaos hop. :)

momto8 said...

now shopping Thanksgiving or black friday here...have done it in the past but now would rather spend the time with my family...
blessings to you and your family this holiday season.


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