Tuesday, November 20, 2012

You Gotta Check Out: Shari's Berries

Happiness is finding this package on your front porch.
'Tis the holiday season. Time to put a little effort and planning into gift-giving for those that are hard to buy for. The added stress of it just takes away some of the joy in our days of wanting to be merry and bright. Want a killer gift that will win anyone over, anytime? Check out Shari's Berries. I warn you to have a napkin at-the-ready as you browse their deliciousness (you know, to wipe up the drool).

It was my first time ordering any kind of chocolate-covered strawberries from an online store. Quite frankly, I didn't think the concept was even possible. Too many obstacles like shipping, compromising taste and quality, freshness, etc. The contents of my order proved me wrong as Shari's Berries seems to have flown over every hurdle, delivering luscious, chocolate-covered goodies right to my door.
I ordered the Hand-Dipped Fruit Trio.

Let's start with the shipping. Every detail is met to ensure top-shelf quality. Beyond choosing the exact date YOU want it delivered to your door, beyond the e-mails informing you of your order's shipping status, the packaging itself is an engineering marvel. They thought of everything from padding the inside of the box, to having little absorbent doilies under each berry to catch any natural juices, to incorporating 2 ice packs to keep your order cool no matter whose porch it gets delivered to! And, to top it all off, they do it with a great sense of humor. Check out the verbiage on the box - hilarious!

Don't even talk about the tastiness! Each plump strawberry is blanketed with a rich, creamy chocolate and coated with either nuts, mini-chips, or even a white chocolate coating with milk chocolate drizzle. I purchased the Hand-dipped Fruit Trio, which included chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered cherries, and a chocolate-covered caramel apple. I know Shari's is known for their berries, but my ultimate flavor experience came from the chocolate-covered cherries - YUMMY! They're like maraschino cherries, stem on, and covered in a variety of chocolates from milk, white, and dark. You've got to try these!

I hope you take the time to browse Shari's Berries and see if you can't find that perfect gift for someone that's hard to buy for. Hey, everyone eats and everyone will enjoy this special treat. Each box even comes wrapped in a ribbon, ready to give! You can trust that the experience will be one that won't disappoint. Explore the Internet for some wonderful coupons for savings you can use.

Special thanks to Shari's Berries for giving me the opportunity to review their product. 

Although Shari's Berries provided me with $65 off any order to review their products and site, the opinions of my experience are represented honestly and are strictly my own.

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Ashley said...

I've seen these before and had always wondered how they shipped them. Thanks for sharing!


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