Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Something, Not Anything

I know you, friend. I know you are easy-going. I know you can be too agreeable at times, even when you don't want to be. Today I want you to have an opinion: your own. Today I want you to begin to express Something, not Anything, but Something. Something real, Something that is what you want, even if you think it's not important.

There's a big difference between Something and Anything. You know the old saying, "Stand for Something or you'll fall for...", well, you know the rest, right? Begin by taking Anything out of your vocabulary. Instead, say Something. "What do you want for dinner?" "Anything" - NO! Start saying Something specific. "What do you want to do today?" "Anything" - NO! When you respond with Anything, you get what you get. When you respond with Something, you send requests on the wings of wishes. Place yourself in the driver's seat and start to say Something. It may not be the seat you are used to, but settle in and get comfortable because you'll begin to like the way Something feels. Anything is nothing. Something can be everything.

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