Friday, November 30, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 72.

Goodbye short week that seemed to go on forever (why is that?).
Goodbye Super Hubby's attempt of Maple Fudge - it still tastes good even though it spreads like butter.
Goodbye to this book on CD as it kept me company while working on some jewelry orders.
Goodbye beautiful trees that once stood tall in our yard; we're missing you dearly.
Goodbye coping with a nagging headache that just doesn't seem to want to leave my head.

Hello sticker-shock and investigating how to make my own Roman Shades thanks to Pinterest.
Hello sharing sentiments of good cheer in all those Christmas cards that need to find their way into the mailbox by Monday.
Hello finishing up the last of the Team Spirit bracelet orders I was blessed to receive.
Hello trip to the butcher to snag a beautiful beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner.
Hello building excitement as December's start conjures up all the magic of the season.

Lots of Lessons Learned this week so I'll have to put them all in the queue for upcoming posts. In lieu of the trees we lost this week, I want to share a lesson I learned about surrounding yourself with beauty. Here's the thing: it doesn't just come from the trees, it doesn't just come from things, and it certainly doesn't come from brick and mortar, no matter how high or wide it's stacked. It comes from what you do with what you have to work with. Remember Oprah? Once, I was watching her show where she explained how, on a recent trip to Africa, she sat in a tiny little tent with a dirt floor. There was no light penetrating through even the loose stitchings that lined the simple abode. Yet, the girl who lived there had one simple flower in a broken vase, smack dab in the middle of this tent. When Oprah asked her why, in these deplorable conditions she would go to the trouble to pick a single flower everyday to put in the meager vase, the girl responded with, "It makes it beautiful."

We all want to be surrounded by beauty, but beauty is what we make it to be. If a girl in Africa can beautify her tent with one single flower, what can I do here to make beauty reign again, even with downed trees and stripped privacy? We must adjust and change with the tides of life, and make use of our resources to bring in beauty, everyday, in any way.

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.  

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Suzan Wood-Young said...

Beautiful lesson learned, and well said!


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