Thursday, November 15, 2012

Living Inside Out

Picture brought to you by my beautiful bloggy friend, Suzan. Check her out here!

What good is having a heart if you don't show your love? It's time to live inside out. Begin by telling others how important they are to your life. Express your love in a way that the world sees your caring and kindness of others. Love is to be shared, not hoarded. Love must be shouted to the world, not silenced. The love you show can be your legacy. Let it flow freely and it finds its way to those who need it most. All you have to do is make love available.

I want to believe love is contagious. If we begin to take actions that equal love, that feeling will spread. What better time to start an epidemic then now; we've never needed it more. Live your love out loud and you are bound to influence others. Love can be pretty powerful stuff! Start showing yours today, and don't stop. Love is a verb, so get moving!

Thank you, Suzan, for inspiring today's post with your awesome photo! She's an awesome photographer (although she'd never admit to it) and was kind enough to send me this photo, saying it reminded her of me and my blog. Smile! Check out Suzan's blog and get to know this soon-to-be published author. Click here.


Suzan Wood-Young said...

Oh my goodness Lilly! When you said you'd credit my photo I was just expecting my name and a link to the blog. You are very, very kind! Thanks for being such a generous and constant supporter! You are Loved ;)

I am LOVD said...

Just spreadin' the love:-)


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