Friday, January 18, 2013

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 78.

Goodbye short school week just when we were getting back into the swing of things.
Goodbye finding rogue Christmas decorations that have blended in too well with my clutter that I hadn't noticed to put them away during the big holiday clean-up.
Goodbye finally realizing that country life out in the sticks may not be for me.
Goodbye trying a new schedule that keeps my time on the computer to a minimum while being super-efficient - I'll share if it works 2-weeks in a row.
Goodbye scoring big at Target on 2 awesome cable-knit sweaters for $7.50 a piece!

Hello long, 4-day weekend.
Hello diving into Panama with my son for his school Spanish project - ay caramba!
Hello glue sticks, X-acto knives, scissors, tape, foam core, markers and poster board all weekend-long.
Hello wishing, hoping, and praying for snow, snow, and more snow so the school can go on a field trip that involves cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, and dog sledding - how cool is that, but it needs to SNOW!
Hello celebrating my family's Slava in honor of our family's patron saint, St. John.

There is lots of tradition and symbolism in celebrating Slava. Pictured: Slava bread.
The lesson I learned this week is how much of a suburbanite I am. Trust me, I'm not proud of this revelation; disappointed, really. I thought I longed for a country-life, one far away from neighbors, busyness, and down-right rudeness. Simplicity is my goal. I've been visiting my grandmother over the past several weeks. She lives out in the middle of nowhere. Not a Wal-Mart, Target, or even a fast food joint to be found. I've shopped at the local grocery store - bare necessities. Although their customers and employees are some of the friendliest people I've come across, there's not a gourmet item to be found on any shelf. Instead of a variety of coffees to choose from there are only two: Maxwell House and Folger's. Stores aren't open early, the banks around there are living in the 1980's as far as hours of operation, and even the post office doesn't open until 9:00 am - shocking to me!!!!
One day, just not today.

If I ever did up-and-throw the towel-in on my suburban life and actually fulfill my dream of more land, more space, more time, and more fresh air, I realize I'd have to make a ton of adjustments. I'm just not ready to do that just yet. I need my current surroundings in suburbia because it's those conveniences that make my life more simple right now.

Happy Weekend and Sretna Slava!



I am LOVD said...

Sending love your way today!

Rachel said...

Hey there - new follower from the linkup. Love your blog & can't wait to read more. Hope you have a great weekend :)

kelekia1 said...

Love your blog and I followed you back from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop!!! Those pies look simply heavenly!!!

Suzan Wood-Young said...

mmm, lovely looking cakes. I'm with you on trying to wean from the internet. Managed to avoid it this morning, other than a quick FB check via iPhone by not plugging the wifi in until after lunch. Worked for me!

Leti Del Mar said...

Those look too goof to eat!! I am following you back via the Aloha Blog hop :)

I am LOVD said...

Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for your comments. I'm afraid I've taken tradition for granted. It never occurred to me that people wouldn't know that it was bread pictured in the photographs. We make the Slava bread, adornments all edible, and we have the priest bless it for Slava, to be shared with all who visit us on that day (Sunday). Now you know:-)

Ashley said...

I scored big at Target, too--I got this fleecy zip-up for $4.80 and a shirt for $5! I'm going to have to learn more about Slava...


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