Monday, January 28, 2013

Gratitude Journal Monday

We're taking a different approach on things today and looking inwardly to ourselves. How often do you thank yourself for the things you do well, quite well? Our gifts and talents, of course, are not self-manifested, but given specifically to us by Him to share with others. Let's recognize our gifts today and be thankful we have them and remind ourselves that these talents of ours are meant to be shared with the world! We cannot manifest all greatness in one body, but one body can hold one great gift. What is yours and how do you share it?

391. I am grateful for being a good cook and having the food I prepare be one of the ways I show love.
392. I am thankful for having a caring heart and nurturing spirit.
393. I am thankful for my creativity because it brings new ideas and inspiration to others.
394. I am thankful I am known for keeping my promises and that my word is as good as gold.
395. I am thankful for my desire in keeping my hands busy and my spirit free.

Come on, give yourself some credit, today! What character attributes do you have that you owe some gratitude toward? I'd love to know.

Happy Monday! 

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