Friday, January 25, 2013

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 79.

Goodbye really short week, with MLK Day and a snow day!!!
Goodbye piled-on homework that had Kiddo up until 10:00 practically every night.
Goodbye warm water in the morning as Kiddo has decided to shower in the morning instead of at night (he's growing up fast).
Goodbye wishing I had the energy myself to hop right out of bed without even snoozing once and hopping into the shower with a spring in my step and a hum on my lips.
Goodbye finding all of this rather curious and sudden for Kiddo and wondering, "What is her name?"

Hello scavenging the city's Spanish specialty supermarkets in search of yucca root to make the Panamanian delicacy, carimaƱolas.
Hello getting closer and closer to finishing this never-ending Panama project - go Kiddo, go!
Hello baseball training start-up and goodbye to having lazy Sunday mornings for the next 5 weeks - boo hoo!
Hello searching high and low for interesting Valentine's Day cards to make for the kids at the school party - any suggestions would be most appreciated (here's what I did last year).
Hello haircuts for my boys and hopefully, if I tag along, I'll get a nice lunch out of it.

Please tell me I'm not the only one to have learned this lesson in life: the more you focus away from something, the more it follows you. Confused? Let me elaborate. Have you ever found, the more you try to pinch pennies, the more unscheduled expenses creep in? Or, have you ever vowed to cut something out of your life just to find yourself wanting it even more than before (bad sugar, bad)? This is the best one to-date: have you promised yourself to simplify life and the more you "work" at simplification, the more complex life becomes? Even Thoreau made this discovery at Walden. He had a simple beautiful rock he brought from the nearby brook that he used as a paperweight on his desk. He admired the rock and thought it to be a very simple thing of beauty, at first. But, with the dusty, dirt-floor conditions of his tiny little cabin, he became a slave to the rock as it needed dusting every single day!!! He was annoyed, was losing his peace, and found the rock to be more burdensome than pleasant. One day he was so annoyed with the constant attention of dusting that the rock demanded daily, he threw the rock out the window. Done. Do you have any rocks you need to throw out??? I know I do, I just hope my eagerness for simplifying doesn't become too complicated of a task.

Happy weekend.

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