Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My New Love

I shared with y'all my Christmas gift from my parents: the Keurig Platinum Brewing System. The cherry on top is they were able to find it in the color Mocha (rare find), so it is so perfect in supporting my love of the color brown. Here's what you may not know about me: until recently I was not, absolutely not, never-ever a coffee drinker. All through my teen years, all through college, all through my 20's and 30's I didn't drink a drop. Honestly, I didn't have to because I had enough natural energy to light up the entire city of Cleveland. Many were frightened at times. Adding caffeine to that kind of energy could have been lethal to innocent bystanders.

To be honest, I liked the reaction people gave me when I told them I didn't drink coffee. Their shock and surprise was actually entertaining to me. I felt unique and different because I was a part of the very elite few Non-Coffee Drinkers Club! It confused many coffee bean diehards and their love of the "Joe" puzzled me equally. And, because I didn't drink coffee, I felt younger for my age.

Enter turning 40 and the Keurig. Like trying to remember your first love or loving being in love for the first time, I'm fuzzy on the details as to what came first but the two have certainly found a happy way to co-exist. I'm far from being a barrista (surprised I even know the word) but there have been some amazing benefits from drinking coffee that I never realized. First, it actually does wake me up! I've been sulking about in the morning lately and that shot of caffeine keeps me going. Another benefit, and I'll be delicate here, it really does a great job at keeping you regular - 'nuff said. Finally, I feel like I'm stealing away a moment all to myself whenever I brew a cup. As my fingers delicately wrap around the cup of promised serenity, it warms me up from the inside out and makes me feel cozy; especially when I'm staring at the winter snow scene outside my window - brrrr!

So, folks, I am a coffee convert and I'm saying it loud and proud. Perhaps it was just a matter of time. These days of living as a 40-year old, I need the kick start in the morning and I like the "me-time" it provides, in more ways than one! I guess now I can officially be considered an adult, as if the wrinkles and gray hairs didn't prove it enough.



Betty Sneeringer said...

Welcome to adulthood! ha. For me it is more the ceremony. I don't really notice any more alertness and it doesn't effect me physically when I miss coffee. I have the smallest, plain Keruig and tiny strainer. I like to use my own loose grounds. Don't especially like cleaning those little baskets, though!!


Betty Sneeringer said...

In the comment above make that "Keurig".


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