Thursday, January 17, 2013

Out of Service

The qualities that make us great women are the same qualities that curse many of us, simultaneously. We give our whole-selves to our children, our husband, our parents, even the school PTA, when there is nothing left to give. Our unselfishness is snatched happily by so many, sometimes leaving us thinking whether or not we invited the mugging, holding our emotional purse open in some alley yelling, "Come and take it all!" Be forewarned, friends: not all thieves come in the night. Sometimes they pop up in car pool lines, grocery aisles, even corners of local coffee shops where you were sure no one would find you.

Time to take stock and take a break. See the picture above? If a police car can put an Out of Service sign on his vehicle, why can't you? It's not forever. I know you've got responsibilities. We are, afterall, public servants ourselves. But, every so often you've got to put up your Out of Service sign for all to see. That doesn't mean if you saw a bank robbery you'd just point to your sign and keep driving. It does mean that you'll be taking a breather for just a little while. Justice will remain in good hands, even while you are away.


Unknown said...

Following from the blog hop. Love this post. It seems like lately I need to go to work to take a break. Great perspective.

I am LOVD said...

Chrishelle, Welcome aboard on our little LOVD train! Thanks for joining and I hope future posts bring you even more peace and perspective:-) LOVD tidings, Lilly

Gooooooooooo Team!!!!

Brittney D said...

Thanks for joining the hop! FOllowed you back!

Hubby said...

You actually saw that! That's not some stock photo, that's a LOCAL police car. How funny. I've never seen that before.

What is he, a cab?

I know, I know, car's probably being serviced and that's not even a cop.


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