Monday, April 1, 2013

Gratitude Journal Monday

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was great and your jellybean high lets you down easy. Easter and Spring time is a gateway to renewal, transformation, and hope. New possibilities await each and every one of you. Will you be climbing aboard? The train of gratitude beckons you, but will you go? The ticket price is steep but not out of reach; it's trust and time and patience. Trusting that your declarations of gratitude will change your life. Devoting time consistently to the thoughts necessary in realizing your current blessings. And, patience in waiting for your true needs to be met by forces you do not control.

Begin Spring with creating your own Gratitude Journal. Why did I start mine? Click here to find out. My own experiences have left me with peace and contentment. Gratitude does not occupy my mind with future wants and desires, but opens my blinded eyes to the wealth of blessings I hold in my hands today. It can do the same for you, but you must begin. Pay with trust, time, and patience and reap the dividends that cannot be monetarily measured.

You can begin today by declaring some gratitude, right here with me. Nothing is too small to be thankful for. Comment here, and begin.

436. I am thankful for a brand new day, brand new week, brand new season, of possibilities.
437. I am grateful for a pain in my arm that seems to have subsided.
438. I am grateful for the My K-Cup accessory from my mom; now I can use my own coffee when I run out of the pre-made K-Cups (cheaper and more environmentally friendly).
439. I am grateful my son has the capacity to understand a movie like Primer; if anyone develops a real time machine one day, it'll be him (but if he learned anything from the movie, he won't do it, even if he can).
440. I am grateful for an awesome Spring Break we enjoyed as a family and we're ready to finish off the school year, starting tomorrow!



NJ @ A Cookie Before Dinner said...

I've been thinking about starting my own gratitude journal lately. It sounds like you've found yours very helpful!

Susan said...

Love your gratitude journal; I've started mine. Mine is called 52Gratitudes. I post on Thursday's

blessings to you. and I love pictures of trains.

I am LOVD said...

NJ, I hope you try it soon! You'll be amazed as to the wonderful things that are bound to happen to you. Please, keep me updated as to how things are going for you.

I am LOVD said...

Susan, I'd love to visit your blog and read your 52 Gratitudes. Thanks so much for stopping by and I'm so glad you're a fan of trains:-)

Jack McCallum said...

I thought I would stop by from Hello Monday and have a peek. Love your blog! :)


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