Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Is Time

I'm not coming to any rash decisions here, but it is time to take stock, wrap my head around a new plan, if necessary. I need to re-think how I've been doing things, throw out what's not working, and make what is working a stronger beacon in my life. Do I have the strength to let go of what is familiar? Do I have the guts to embark on the new and the unknown? I sure hope so.

As we fire up the BBQ's, smell subtle glimpses of freshly cut grass, and unbury our swimsuits from packed away trunks, we ready ourselves for the summer season. Yet, my mind is heading into dormancy; more of a winter season mindset, where comfort is sought and quietness surrounds. It's the shush of the icy wind through the trees that transcends my mind to ready my body for renewal. I want to take the summer to lull my mind into a winter hibernation to get ready for a spring renewal come autumn. That's a lot of seasons going on all at once in the middle of summer. But, it's necessary from time to time. Don't you think so?

How do I want the next 3 months to look like? How do I want a year from now to look like? Sometimes you just have to stop, walk away, be alone with yourself and your thoughts and just wait and listen for where your next steps should be directed. Where will the silence lead me? I don't know, yet, but it's an exciting journey and one that I welcome.

Change is a-comin'.

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Lefty said...

If this is your way of saying you're moving, then we need to talk! :)


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