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The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of: Part Two

Now, the rest of the story...

If you've joined us a wee bit late, click here to read Part One, and get caught up, first.

It's enough of a good story that Kiddo enters an International video contest and wins First Runner-Up. It's enough of a good story that Kiddo gets awarded a $100 Amazon gift card to help him towards a purchase of a new camera to replace one that's older than Kiddo himself. And, it's enough of a good story that Kiddo decides to pass on his good fortune by donating the gift card to the school in the spirit of Fair Play. It's a good story. But, great stories have another elemental layer that just knocks your socks off. For a great story, keep reading...
"One does not notice the platinum at his feet when he holds gold in his hands.- Kiddo
Life pretty much went back to normal in our household. One day, I get an e-mail from an individual at All For Kidz, the people that produce The NED Show. It reads:
"Our whole staff loved seeing 'Kiddo's' film, and hearing the story that went along with it. There is even a bit of a movement here to fundraise for one of those cameras for him. Isn't that something! Honestly, this is an amazing opportunity for us to be a part of something extra special, and I hope you decide to give us this opportunity."
Wait, WHAT?! They can't be serious. But, they were. The people at NED live what they preach. NED isn't just an acronym to spout, it's a way of life for them. The sheer suggestion of fundraising for a camera was "encouragement" with a capital "E"!

The campaign began.
An interoffice memo went out to the entire NED staff, performers, administrators, just about everyone. And, then, I get this e-mail updating me on how things are coming along.
"I sent the below email to all my staff, and wonderful and generous gifts have been flowing in. People here are overwhelmingly excited to be supporting such a dedicated young man to further pursue his craft!"
Then, I get this e-mail days later...
"After many emails, this is one that I'm especially excited to send.

As a filmmaker, 'Kiddo's' commitment to his dreams touched my heart. And because the whole staff here believes in the NED values, people were very moved by both the NED video as well as 'Kiddo's' altruism with the Amazon certificate.

Building on that excitement, I sent out a flyer (attached) on Wednesday to all the NED Performers, phone support staff, admin, and fellow creatives here at All for KIDZ/The NED Show. The response was incredible. All in all, 37 individuals in our company jumped at the opportunity to contribute to 'Kiddo's' future filmmaking endeavors."
Guys, can I tell you, they were hoping to raise $150. Not to be too tacky, but by the end of the campaign and after the above e-mail, they raised way more than double their projections from 40 individuals!

Is this for real? Can people really be that generous and caring? They sure are at All For Kidz. The entire time Super Hubby and I are in shock, and, all the while, Kiddo doesn't have an inkling as to what is happening. We kept it from him because we just didn't believe this was actually going to come to fruition. But it did.

The supporters from All For Kidz purchased an awesome "boss" video camera for Kiddo and put the remaining balance (yes, there was enough raised for a balance!) on an Amazon gift card so Kiddo can purchase a boom mic kit. The best part, each individual signed a card with a heartfelt message that encourages Kiddo to follow his dreams.

Now, it's time to reveal to Kiddo all that's been conjured behind his back for the last month! When we present him with the generosity shown by strangers, we want it to be a defining moment for him; a moment where he will look back and remember how people he didn't even know offered him support to follow his dreams. It's moments like these that can define who we are, guide our own future actions, and remind us that selfless love and hope still exists. Thank you to all the people at All For Kidz/The NED Show for walking the walk and talking the talk. You guys are unbelievably incredible people whose genuine support and encouragement shines through in all that you do.

See how we spring it on Kiddo and see his reaction on next Tuesday's post!

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