Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are You a Foodie?

I am a self-proclaimed foodie. What is a foodie? Well, I found a brilliantly detailed explanation at SlashFoods if you want to check it out for yourself. I am a foodie because I not only love to eat, I also love to prepare food, and I am genuinely interested in food. I know you're not supposed to "live to eat", but I do. I don't merely eat food to sustain life, I eat for the pleasure of it. I learn and study about different foods. I pour over cookbooks reading every word like a sultry romance novel. I stroll through farmers' markets table-to-table like most women window-shop on Rodeo Drive. I am a foodie.

 Don't be misled, as being a foodie doesn't mean expensive ingredients, complicated recipes, or imprisonment to the kitchen. Today's foodie believes in simple, good food available to all who want to seek it and all who want to sample the gifts Mother Nature intended to bestow upon us. Take these gifts and get your saute on!

 I began receiving Bon Appetit magazine in the year 1996. I was young and inexperienced in the kitchen but my curiosity was fed each month when that magazine arrived at my doorstep. I loved the articles, the gadget findings, the elaborate, effortless fantasy parties featured each month (no one has parties like that anymore), each guest more beautiful than the next. Aaahh! I loved those magazines. I loved them so much that for the next 5 years I kept each and every issue before canceling my subscription. I now put those magazines to good use. Each month I'll take the 5-year stash I have and gift myself the current month's issues. I challenge myself to find a new recipe at least once per week from those vintage magazines. July is coming to a close so I'll be receiving my "new", August magazines shortly, delivered straight from the closet shelf. Always keep recipe magazines. Foodie or not, old recipe or new, good food never goes out of style.

Would you describe yourself as a foodie?

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