Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Favorite Wall Art

This is the painting in our living room. Artist Don Breckon.
I was sitting in my living room just staring at this piece of art we had on the wall. When we painted our cream white walls to its current deep red, the living room transformed into a study-like atmosphere exuding warmth and welcoming comfort. We had a blank wall that was crying out for some art. I went into the basement and found this piece of art that came from my husband's side of the family. I put it up because I thought the red trim around the painting was a good accent to the wall color. My husband was leery of my art choice for the room and I shrugged off the piece as just a mere placeholder until we found something better. Secretly, I stopped looking for something better because this piece of art was perfect for the room. It gives a sense of movement if you stare at it long enough and it adds a masculinity to the room that tricks the mind into thinking you're in a mahogany-lined library found deep in the chambers of a century-old, stone mansion somewhere in the hills of England (one can dream, can't she?).

This hangs in our dining room. Painting by Thomas Kinkade: The Garden of Prayer
So it got me thinking about the other pieces of wall art I have in my home. Each piece, I am happy to say, was not chosen as a "place holder" for a blank wall but rather holds a place on our wall and in our hearts. I think anything that goes into your house or onto your walls deserves being there because you love it or it has special meaning to you.
This piece of art was made by my husband's recently deceased Grandmother, a very talented woman. The photo does not do it justice but the art is 3-dimensional. It is hung in our loft where we have a huge wall of books and I absolutely love it.
Take your own tour around your house and study each piece of wall art you have hanging. If you don't absolutely love it or if it doesn't stir any feelings in you, then take it off its hook. Store it away, give it away, but don't keep it up on your wall. Then, keep your eyes open for something that really tugs at your heart. You'll know when you've found it. You'll buy it and hang it up. And every time you see it, you'll be reminded that your true self pours out of every aspect of your home and is not just something filling up space.

What are your most favorite pieces of wall art in your home?

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