Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer's Sweet Bounty

Aahh! The smell of fresh fruit is in the air. It must be summertime. Lately, however, I was not living up to the expectations my family has of having readily available fruit in the house. We had just finished a huge watermelon during Independence Day weekend and I just didn't have the time to stop at the fruit market (yet, I found time to shop at Target, Michael's, Borders are you judging me?).

So this afternoon my son and I went to a local organic foods market in town and stocked up! Like $45 stocked-up! When it comes to food, I don't deny any reasonable requests because it rarely gets wasted. But today was over the top. I consider myself to be very blessed with a son that is adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. And seeing that fruits and vegetables are his favorites (I know, hard to believe, but true) we often challenge ourselves to find and buy foods we've never tried before. Well, there it sat in the basket just calling out to him. The brightly colored fuchsia skin just screaming his name and saying, "Try me, Try me!". The fruit is called Dragon Fruit and my son was surprised because he only knows of the fruit from the virtual world of WebKinz World (if you are familiar with this, my condolences). He grabbed it from the basket and held it gently like he had just found a lost puppy. And just as if it had been a lost puppy, he looked at me with sad, hopeful eyes and asked, "Can we take it home? Can we keep it? Pleeeeeaaaaassssse!" The price stopped me dead in my tracks and I told him to put it back because I was not going to pay THAT price for a piece of fruit.

We got all the way up to the cash register and he was still talking about that piece of fruit. Something came over me - I don't know what it was? Maybe curiosity, maybe the summer heat, or maybe the fact that you only live once and when you have an opportunity to taste Dragon Fruit (from WebKinz world or not), you should take the leap. So we high-tailed it back to that basket, my son grabbed his original selection victoriously, and I paid the $7 for that Dragon Fruit with a smile on my face.

Now, does anyone know how to open this thing?

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