Friday, July 22, 2011

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 4.

Goodbye playdate marathon.
One of many playdates this week.
Goodbye keeping cool in the sprinkler.
Goodbye heatwave, I hope.
Goodbye running errands,shopping stores, and cleaning house.
Goodbye Borders: you'll be missed.

Hello Pinterest.
Hello family from out of town.
Hello Amish Country.
Hello delicious meals and juicy conversations.
Hello quinoa: I'm willing to give you a try.
The gift card I hastily used at Borders yesterday.

This week I learned progress cannot be outrun. When a 40-year old institution like Borders can fall to its knees as a victim of progress, none of us has a chance. And why? Because progress means someone, or something, must become old, outdated, slower, and is forced to step aside for the new thing, the faster, but not always improved, better mousetrap. Our children have more technology knowledge by the age of 9 years old than we had at 18 years of age, and some of our parents are still trying to catch up (but at least they are trying so God bless them). So, I must embrace progress because I too will be the "old", watching progress take over my world just when I got comfortable, wondering what happened to the good ol' days? Progress, I welcome your presence. I only ask that you go easy on me.

How do you react to progress? Do you welcome change or are you a bit apprehensive? 

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