Monday, July 4, 2011

Red, White, and Blue Paint Chips Pennant

As a family, we made this pennant streamer for the 4th of July and strung it on our front porch. It looked so great and was so easy to make so I thought I'd share the instructions so you could have some fun, as well. This idea was inspired by a feature article in this month's BH&G magazine (but I think ours turned out way better).

Supplies - you'll need scissors, a pencil, ruler, yarn or string, and about 15 paint chip samples of each color from your local hardware store's paint department. Be sure to get the large, wide ones, not the skinny ones or those that have those square cut-outs in the middle. You'll also need a tiny paper hole punch (not pictured).

We laid it out so the color that was the top of the pennant alternated, like so.
We marked the middle of the paint chip, then drew lines from the middle to both corners.
Then just cut on the lines you just drew. Great cutting practice for the kids!
Hole punch (with a tiny punch) the top corners of the pennants you cut out.
Take your string and start threading through the back of each pennant leaving enough string on both ends to use to hang up the streamer you've created.

All done. So quick, so fun, and so cute!


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Anonymous said...

Love your idea! Very attractive!


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