Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Staycation Adventures: Seneca Caverns

We rule the staycation scene, basically out of necessity. My husband doesn't get "paid vacations" or time-off due to running his own business so we desperately rely on quick jaunts or weekend getaways in and around the area where we live. During a staycation last summer we went on our first cave tour at the Ohio Caverns. It.was.Amazing; stalactites as tall as my son hung down from the rock ceiling and stalagmites burst from the Earth's core showing off its beauty right before our eyes. We were hooked and couldn't wait to begin our new hobby of spelunking.

The stuffed animal otter has become our spelunking mascot.

Recently we visited Seneca Caverns in Ohio expecting the same visual art and beauty that the Ohio Caverns provided us from our first experience. Although it was amazing in its own right, it was not Ohio Caverns. The stalactites were only as long as my fingernail and we were unable to take the entire tour. Typically, the tour takes you down into the Earth 7 levels but we were only able to go down 4 levels because the water table was too high. With all the rain we've had this spring, half the cave was flooded. Now, one would think they would discount the ticket price but not a chance. I thought the total ticket cost of $36 for the three of us was a bit high for only half the tour, but it did give us something to do and it was neat to see.
Hawaiian Lava Moss - the cave picked up the spore off someone's clothes visiting from Hawaii!
I'd recommend Seneca Caverns as a first stop of cave touring if you've never experienced it. Then be sure to take the time to tour the Ohio Caverns because you will truly be amazed. One piece of advice: take a jacket or sweatshirt because when you go down into the Earth the temperature is a constant 54 degrees F (or 12.2C for my International readers).

Have you had any recent staycation adventures you'd like to share?

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