Friday, October 21, 2011

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 17.

Goodbye time flying by so fast I can hardly catch a breath.
Goodbye stopping to smell the fresh, sweet outside air after a fall rainstorm.
Goodbye worst offenders of fast food that I'm omitting from my diet (more on this next week).
Goodbye TaeKwonDo training every day this week for my son's Black Belt Test (nail-biter).
Goodbye last-minute Halloween craft I'll share next week on Wednesday (so cute).

Hello Black Belt test and 3-years of hard work and dedication put to the test for my son - good luck.
Hello watching it all unfold and praying he'll be able to deliver his best (he's only 9 years old).
Hello mother's heart bursting with pride for her son's efforts no matter what the results.
Hello reflection.
Hello acceptance.

This week I learned time seems to move faster while I get older. When I was a kid, time was irrelevant, it really did stand still. But as I become older I see time fleeting from me. As I try to grasp it, trying to slow it down, time oozes from my fingers just like Dr. Seuss' Ooblek. To avoid getting trampled in time's path, I ride it's wave and have week's like this last one - wondering how the end of the week snuck up on me so quickly, so quietly. As I get older the slow, melodic ebb and flow of time are left to the days of my endless childhood memories. Enjoy time as it passes so quickly and turn time into shared moments. It's those memories that are ever-lasting.

Is time moving too fast for you, too?


Anonymous said...

Yes! So much to do and see and read, so little time! Congrats on your son's advancement to the Black Belt Test (our youngest is still a white/yellow). That is a huge achievement and you should be proud! At 9!

xoxo michele

I am LOVD said...

Thanks, Michele! Keeping our fingers crossed. So happy to hear your youngest is a white/yellow. You don't notice it at the time, but over the years the benefits of being involved in martial arts is priceless, I think. It's amazing to me how these kids can remember so many forms, positions, etc. I know I couldn't get past the stretches!!!

Suzan Wood-Young said...

Ooblek Ooblek, wonderful Greenish Ooblek! I had a record of Dr. Seuss stories with Bartholomew and the Ooblek on it, thanks for the reminder!

Best wishes to your son on his black belt testing, how proud you must be! Time isn't moving too fast as much as I'm moving too I am trying to get my procrastination under control...maybe next week...

Lefty said...

Congrats to the big guy on making it all the way to black belt! He is SO passionate about it...he'll do just fine! :)

As for time going too two little guys remind me EVERYDAY that time is passing fast! I wish I could go back to the summer when I was 8, playing in my driveway with my kidney- shaped Barbie Pool...and time was endless...summer vacation seemed like years! A wise person gave me a poem that reminds me daily to enjoy the little moments b/c they will not always be there! :)

Nicole said...

life does go so quickly. kinda like i was thinking that hubs and i have been married for almost five months now. it seems like forever, yet yesterday. hmmm. . . to take in the moments.


Jazmin @ My Little Memory Jar said...

Having children has made time fly by for me!
I loove your blog. It is beautiful.



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