Monday, October 24, 2011

Gratitude Journal Monday

Good morning beautiful readers and happy Monday from my heart to yours. Have you started your Gratitude Journal? If you want to learn more about it, then click here. Since I started my Gratitude Journal it has been a sheer awakening for my soul and spirit. Do your own soul and spirit a favor and start yours here, today! Leave a comment for what you may be grateful for on this fine Monday.

76. I am grateful for the awe a field of sunflowers brings.
77. I am grateful my friends are like the stars; even though you don't see them, you know they are there.
78. I am grateful for the delight my darling, little family of 3 brings to me; "3 is our magic number" (remember Schoolhouse Rock?).
79. I am grateful achievement is only limited by the amount of hardwork and dedication you are willing to invest.
80. I am grateful my son earned his first-degree Black Belt and want to thank all of the kind readers who expressed their support and well wishes toward his impending accomplishment. Black Belt is looking good on him!

When you really want something and actually get it, do you believe a higher power had something to do with it or was it all just you?

* Today's photo: unquestionably the best flower photo I have ever taken to date. 


Lefty said...

Congrats to your big black belt kid over there! HE DID IT and we are SO proud! The belt is amazing and his hard work to get it is even MORE amazing!

As for a higher being helping the way, oh YES I believe He guides the way and protects. I also believe a positive attitude and telling yourself that you CAN do it, also plays a part!

The flower picture looks totally professional! Did you use a macro setting for that? We can only await the beauty of your photos from your LOVD store! *WINK! :)

Tricia said...

Hi Lilly! Thank you for visiting my blog this morning! Congratulations to your son! What an amazing accomplishment. :)

Suzan Wood-Young said...

I echo the congratulations on your son's blackbelt, an achievement to be very proud of. Lovely photo!

Anonymous said...

So many congrats being sent your way on your son's amazing accomplishment. I know what dedication is needed for a black belt, and that is something he should be very proud of wearing.

I guess I believe in a little of both - I believe God gives us personality and desires and opportunities to serve with those gifts - but that He also gives us free will to choose how and sometimes when to use them. When it all comes together greater than anything I could have imagined, I know He did it - like a conductor. That is how I see Him sometimes - funny, right? Most of the time I'm dropping my sheet-music and/or forgot to bring my instrument! ;)

Sorry I've been so quiet - I've been feeling punky (sore throat and no voice).

xoxo michele

Nicole said...

gratitude does amazing things for your outlook on life!!



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