Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What I Made Wednesday {Thanksgiving Home Decor}

 Our home has been in the spirit of Thanksgiving since the Halloween ghosts, witches, and goblins retired into their storage containers for another year's rest, replaced with turkeys and all-things autumnal. I photographed the seasonal areas of my home decked out with decoration; some I bought, some I made, but I did not spend one penny this year Hubby are you reading this?

Whether I'm in a Pier One Imports or not, holiday decor is "speaking to me" all the time, as the commercial suggests. While paper mache'd pilgrims and wire cornucopias vie for my attention and my wallet, I found a new strength against all the tempting trinkets this year. I've accumulated enough "stuff" over the years that the only new holiday decor additions this year included handmade items like the Fall Paint Chip Bunting (I took out the Halloween pennants) and Thanksgiving Framed Rock Art.

I'm so happy to share my Thanksgiving decor with you. I think my favorite item is the real deer antlers. Did you see them?

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving decoration?


Betty Sneeringer said...

I love the metal basket with the arrangement. I am sorry but I have not developed a fondness for deer antlers being used in decor. That must be a blog thing. I had never seen them used until I started looking at blogs this fall. Check out my fall decor in my Aug. and Sept. archieves.

I am LOVD said...

It’s the first time I used the deer antlers. I had the ones left by the deer (I guess they shed them or something) and always placed them outside in the garden, but I found this really cheap picture frame with the fake deer antlers and said, hey, why not. Secretly, I really want to live in a log cabin high in the mountains somewhere so the antlers feed this dream in decorum of the log cabin feel.

Anonymous said...

Love the festive decor!

Suzan Wood-Young said...

Love your mantle and the colourful foliage and flowers in the basket.

Anonymous said...

Your hubby and my hubby sound similar. ;)

Loving the deer antlers! I'd love to try something similar, but our dog would probably think they are his chew toy (we give him a deer antler from the pet store).

My fave decoration is the fall wreath we made out of leaves and acorns and hydrangea that we found on our walks around town and the college trail.

Happy Thanksgiving, Lilly!

xoxo michele

Kristen said...

I love the metal basket with flowers! It's so pretty. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

Unknown said...

your blog is amazing! so many amazing stuff i can do with my kids. :) new follower. hope we can stay connected. cheers! thanks for the inspiration... :)


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