Monday, May 21, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

Why am I who I am? Why am I where I am? Why am I not a starving Ethiopian mother praying to keep the hunger pains away from her children another night? Is it luck of the draw, is it something we should not question, is it destiny? Why are we us and not somebody else? Maybe it’s because whom we are and where we are is perfectly fitted to what we should be doing? We have been placed exactly where we need to be for a specific purpose. I’m thankful I’m here and not there; I’m not where there is disease that sits at every doorstep, where death in the village is as common as catching a breath. No, I am here, where I have a loving family, food in embarrassing volumes, and a home large enough to pack consumer junk bursting out at the beams. Perspective has to change and I have to start to comply. No, I’m not running off to Africa to try to end world hunger, because my purpose is here, whatever it is, my purpose is in my own backyard. You have been placed exactly where you need to be to fulfill your purpose. Let’s not waste the opportunity.

226. I am thankful I’m exactly where I need to be in this season of life.
227. I am beyond grateful for a husband that loves me despite every mood change in a day.
228. I am so thankful for God's gift to us, wrapped up in one beautiful, loving, kind son.
229. I am grateful for the beautiful surroundings in which I lay my head each night.
230. I am humbled by the bounty of harvest that nourishes our bodies and minds at every meal.

If you'd like to know more about my Gratitude Journal beginnings, click here.

Have a wonderful week!


Betty Sneeringer said...

More great words and concepts from you. I always enjoy the gratitude posts so much - such an important topic!


Jessie @ Dream and Differ said...

Deep questions for a Monday morning :) It's so important to remain grateful for all our blessings, though, large and small. Thank you for this gentle reminder.

I am LOVD said...

Betty, Thanks so much! Your encouragement keeps me posting!!

I am LOVD said...

Jessie, yes, sometimes I'm into the deep think. I never know where the Monday post will go, I just sit and start typing. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Always appreciated.


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