Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Best Graduation Gift Ever

One of the best graduation presents I ever received, besides the Howard Miller Mantel clock that just brings me joy every time I hear its bells ring, was this 3-ring bound book from my sister-in-law. I underestimated it at the time. I was a cocky, new college graduate that was going to rule her own world, all on her own, so the title (or rather the word "Need") threw me off, a bit. Where's Mom Now That I Need Her? is the most useful graduation gift I have ever received. In fact, I still use it today, every Sunday, for the best pancake and waffle recipes known to the Western hemisphere.

The 3-ring binder design is sheer brilliance because the inside pockets of this treasured book is home to guiltily torn-out magazine recipes from doctor's offices, hair salons, and grease-scented lobbies where you wait while your car gets an oil-change, pumped tires, or some car-fix too expensive to want to remember. Yes, this little book has grown fatter than the rest of me over the years and I'm so happy for it. It holds many of my family's stand-by's. The recipes are easy, tried and true, and absolutely delicious. If you don't believe me, then try the French Onion Soup recipe first.

Not only are there recipes in this clever little book, there's tons of information a new graduate will want to know when venturing out on their own. Information like getting out stains in clothes, the proper substitute to buttermilk, first aide, nutritional food facts (like why I should choose the brown-rice option at Chipotle, instead). I've never read it cover-to-cover, but use it as a reference, instead. The 3-ring binder version is a must if you don't want it to get lost amongst the other cookbooks in the moving box that ends up in storage.

There's a companion book called Where's Dad Now That I Need Him?. I never got this book but I suspect it's just as good if the format is the same.

So, what's the best graduation gift you ever received?


Ashley said...

Well, my in-law's got us a couch when my husband and I graduated grad school, which was very nice, since, well, we didn't have one. (After reading through your post, I immediately went to Amazon and added this book along with the Dad version to My Wish List. :)

Anonymous said...

I just put it in my Amazon cart! ;) It's been awhile since I graduated, but this will come in handy since I'm always needing my mom (even if I only say it in my head).

I received luggage and it was the best gift ever - especially since I flew that summer from Idaho to NJ and lived on the East Coast for quite awhile. It lasted a long time, too... RIP sweet blue Samsonite luggage.



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