Friday, June 15, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 51.

Goodbye 7 yards of mulch, spread in record time by many, many helpers.
Goodbye deck re-staining and placing deck furniture for summertime enjoyment.
Goodbye Flag Day - you look better and better with each passing year.
Goodbye breathing baseball dust and cheering on a few wins this week; nice hits, son!
Goodbye soreness as Super Hubby proves to our son that practice makes progress.

Hello 89th birthday to my darling grandmother.
Hello Father's Day and knowing I'm so lucky my dad is my dad; love you Tata.
Hello allowing the laziness of summer to slowly take over now that all the outdoor work is done.
Hello meeting friends regularly at the pool so the kids can catch up on playing and I can catch up on that all-important girl talk.
Hello buying another set of golf clubs for our kid who just can't stop growing taller year after year.

My lesson learned this week is a work in progress. I'm coming up to a year in blogging, every day, Monday through Friday, never missing a day, EVER! I'm kind of proud of my commitment as I'm the type of person that starts something with full passion, but then pitters out when the excitement wears off. So, my dedication to this blog of mine is surprising, even to me. But, now it's summer and my son is off from school. I've spent the last several weeks of his summer vacation glued to this computer. I'll admit, the last couple of What I Made Wednesdays have been VERY time-consuming, with getting all the Harry Potter Party Details in post-form. No less than 4 hours were invested in each of the last 5 What I Made Wednesdays, and frankly, that's just too much time to spend.

I don't want to take a break because I love you guys too much, and I love writing too much! Sharing our words with each other is a marvelous thing so I'm not stopping. But I do have to figure out a balance, especially during the summer when my son is home and he deserves my attention and my full presence. Unless you're a blogger, you cannot imagine the time and energy that goes into just one post. But, I'm not complaining because I love it. It's why I do it. So, no, I don't have that balance figured out, yet. If you've got any advice for me, I'm all ears, please share.

A special welcome to all the new Followers that joined this past week. I truly appreciate you being on board. Happy weekend, friends!


Suzan Wood-Young said...

I hear ya sister! No advice from me, but to do whatever works best for you. Your blog, your rules. ;)

michelle @ this little light said...

I like what Suzan said..."your blog, your rules!" Post when you're inspired and take a break when you're not. I only post a few times a week, and that's on a good week!

New follower! And proud to say I'm No. 93...just 7 more!!! :)

Karen said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your blog is adorable and I am excited to be following you:) Congrats on your 1 yr bloggy anniversary!


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