Friday, June 29, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 53.

Goodbye schizophrenic week of weather starting with breezy and cold, ending with sweltering heat.
Goodbye baseball game-ball awarded to our son: way to rally with a big hit!
Goodbye golf, golf, and more golf - watchout USGA Kids.
Goodbye celebrating Super Hubby's birthday with Brave and cake with 7-minute frosting.
Goodbye cleaning up a patio table tragedy.

Hello attempting a popcorn run as we're down to the last kernel.
Hello waiting and waiting for the cable guy to come and fix our Internet connection - day wasted!
Hello hairs cuts for the boys and feeling better without the mop in this heat.
Hello working out a better blog writing schedule that allows me more fun with my son (why do I have a feeling it means less sleep for me).
Hello July and enjoying the dog-days of summer and seeing where the warm breeze leads us.

My lessons learned this week will help you avoid a lot of frustration. This may seem obvious but are you setting yourself up to be a victim? Do you leave your umbrella up to your deck or patio furniture set? DON'T!!!! It was Monday (Super Hubby's birthday), it was cool, it was breezy. I left the umbrella up. We hear this huge crash while inside the house and began hunting down the disturbing noise until we got to the back deck. There was our 15-year old table from our patio set, over-turned, glass broken into a million, tiny pieces, and the umbrella cracked and blowing in the yard. Oops!

The clean-up was mind numbing, glass everywhere, through the cracks of the deck boards, falling below the deck - all had to be cleaned up or we may never be in bare feet in the backyard ever again. Thank you to the neighbor's wet/dry vacuum. Along with the glass, it picked up half the rocks and mulch below the deck, too, but clean-up was a lot easier.

I like my son's approach to seeing the positive in a situation such as this. He took the ring of the table that once housed the glass, took the broken slat of the umbrella arm, and turned it all into a toy from Colonial times - way to go kiddo: another lessons learned! You'll notice he's wearing the boots for his protection from all the broken glass.

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Have a great weekend!


Ugochi said...

Great write up, very rhythmic. Sorry about the "glassy mess" Found you on Aloha Friday and now follow you via GFC.
Have a great weekend!

I am LOVD said...

Ugochi, thanks so much for stopping by. I hope my own shared experience about leaving the umbrella up saves somebody from the same fate. Or maybe I'm the only dumb one:-)

momto8 said...

we learned not to leave an umbrella up in a storm the same way you did...
baseball continues here!! congrats to your son on the big hit!


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