Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye Week. Hello Weekend. Lessons Learned: Take 49.

Every morning when we'd drive into the school lot my son and I would shout "Blue One!"
Goodbye fabulous 4th grade year.
Goodbye memorable May.
Goodbye to filling up the gas tank every 5 days to keep up with the school drive.
Goodbye homework, homework, homework.
Goodbye incredible growth in one little boy.

Hello June and hot-summer fun.
Hello summer pool pass.
Hello endless possibilities for more growth and discovery.
Hello numerous summer reading programs like this one from Barnes & Noble.
Hello open windows, wispy linens dancing in the breeze, and fresh summer scents tickling my senses.

My son's portfolio box holding work he discussed with us during his student-led conference.
The lesson I learned this week is how much I enjoy seeing my son grow-up. As time continues forward, I do not look back with wishful thinking to rewind the clock to a younger age. Go forth, young man! Keep growing in the right direction, love!

Happy weekend, friends! What are your plans?

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momto8 said...

congrats on finishing the year!! I have a fourth grade son too...they still have a week of school left.


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