Monday, June 4, 2012

Gratitude Journal Monday

"Ask and You Shall Receive" is the promise, but receiving when not asking is a miracle. That's what happened to me at the beginning of this school year. My son started a new school and I was thrilled he was there. We had left behind a school where my fingerprint was left, helping at events, taking on the role of a teacher's aide in the classroom, and creating and leading book clubs for the children. I was involved.

This planter was signed by all the students and given to me as a thank you!
When my son began attending his new school, my time was my own and I wasn't quite used to the freedom each day brought. I found my laundry was getting done, my house was sparkling, my blog posts were written with care and detail, and family dinners approached gourmet. Being new to the school, I wasn't sure what the protocol was for parents helping in the classroom so I was riding low under the radar. Imagine my surprise when at the first parent/teacher conference I was asked to help in the classroom during Writing, twice a week! I wasn't looking for this opportunity, it literally fell into my lap. Sometimes, Spirit knows what you need even if you don't and the Universe provides.

236. I am grateful He knows and provides what I need even before I know myself.
237. I am grateful my son's teacher had enough confidence and trust in me (a new parent to the school) to ask me to aide in the classroom during Writing time.
238. I am grateful all the students were so sharing with their writing pieces, and so eager to learn and grow in their own writing abilities.
239. I am grateful the school librarian put me to work before Writing time began in the classroom, utilizing my wait. (Those were my best mornings of the week as this school's library is the most beautiful I have ever seen and it made for a great start to the day!)
240. I am grateful I had the opportunity to help make my family's first year at a new school comfortable and memorable.

Good things happen when you release gratitude. I hope you begin your own gratitude journal so the Universe can prove its effects to you, too! Not sure where or why to begin? Click here.


Pat said...

Let's hope the powers to be ask you to work with their children again! You write so well! The children will be fortunate to have you spread your talents!

I am LOVD said...

Many thanks for your confidence in me, Pat!!! I appreciate you taking the time to comment. xxoo, Lilly

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful blessing you are, Lilly. To your family, the children and school, and to all of us in blogland.


I am LOVD said...

Ah, Michele, you always make me blush. Thanks!!


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