Thursday, June 28, 2012

You Know You're a Blogger When...and {A Giveaway!}


You know you’re a blogger when…

10. You’ve attended more Linky parties in one week than you have cocktail parties all year.

9.  You watch the weather forecast for sunshine and schedule those days to take photos of your latest craft or recipe to get the best natural light.

8. “Just give me 5 minutes, son” turns into 45 minutes because you’re visiting other blogs and commenting.

7. You look for scrap pieces of paper to jot down a random thought you just had in line at the grocery store because you don’t want to forget it for a future blog post.

6. You save tons of cool recipes but never get around to making any of them.

5. You don’t look at everyday items the same way anymore because you think, “How could I use that in a craft project?”

4. Your family thinks every time you whip out the camera it’s only to take pictures for the blog.

3. A lot of your pictures in your photo library are close-ups of inanimate objects.

2. You’ve been late picking up your child from school because you couldn’t tear yourself away from Pinterest.

1. You know in your heart bloggy friends are real friends.

The Giveaway
This giveaway is going to be a bonus for me as much as for you, so thank you in advance. Here's the prize: $20 gift card to my LOVD Etsy Shop. It's not even open, yet? Yes, I know! But having a $20 gift card floating around out there in some one's hot little hands will force me to list my wares!!!! Above is a small sampling of what I'll be listing. Tons more from where this came from, trust me!

How to Enter
Be sure to leave a comment for each activity you do:
1. Leave a comment telling us if you've ever shopped on Etsy.
2. Become a LOVD Follower via GFC, Linky Follower, or "Like" LOVD on Facebook - be sure to leave a comment saying you did so or if you are already!
Comment entries deadline: Monday, July 2 at midnight! Check back on Tuesday for the winner announcement!
Winner will be chosen using Good luck!  


Suzan Wood-Young said...

I have shopped at Etsy, if that means looking around at stuff, but I've never bought anything, mostly because the things I really loved were one of a kind and sold already. Is that lovely round bauble in your photo available? 'cause I'd buy that with or without a gift card!

Michelle said...

Never shopped Etsy. Never been to Etsy. Never heard of Etsy. Interested in checking it out!

Unknown said...

Awesome post. I follow you on GFC and have never purchased anything on ETSY....yet! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this post, especially about the photo library being inanimate me.

I have shopped on Etsy once for Fringe Vanilla and now I won't cook or bake without it. And that is how I feel about your owl necklace - I've had my heart set on that for my daughter since last I want to buy if I don't win.

I think I'm following you on GFC but not sure. I'm so bad with the linky stuff - want to participate but can't find the time.


Kat said...

Hi! Following you from Mingle With Us blog hop! Look forward to reading more! I would appreciate the follow back. Have a great day!

Ashley said...

I have never actually bought anything from Etsy, but I do have plans to when my best friend finds out what she is having today!

Ashley said...

I'm a follower!

Dana said...

I have shopped a LOT of favorite thing is a hand-painted pillow in my front room! It is the PERFECT focal point for the room!
I am also a follower!


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